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@danryckert @drewbert I have a theory on how the rest of this series should go down. Once Drew has played through the entire main series, possibly including Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes, Drew should be the one to get the early review copy for whenever the Phantom Pain is released. Then, you guys do one last series, but this time it's Dan playing through it with Drew knowing everything ahead...

That makes Dan the same as Raiden.

Take that how you want.

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Nothing stops the Gameroom Quick Look!


Sunset Ryders 4 Lyfe.

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@nonesun said:

Oh, no dorky crap? Phew, I was worried there for a second.

This is a game for cool people. Like 3.5 and 40k.

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@hammondoftexas said:

We're so excited that Papa Vinny is back! Just ask these amazing fans!


That is one the most messed up images I've seen on the internet and I've seen almost all of them.

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@schnoo said:

Dan got hustled.

That's a high level slammer only the best dollar stores carry.

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Mario Party is Jeff's Kryptonite.

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Giantbomb: +2

Internet: Nothing!

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Now, an Ice T announcer pack: that I could get behind.

I'd buy that for 80 Microsoft points.

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Dragon Age 2 is the Baywatch Nights of video games.

Hopefully Dragon Age 3 will be the more like Baywatch Hawaii.

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@joshwent said:

I love all of the Arkham games, so this is still pretty exciting to me, but I just can't understand people (Alex included, apparently) who dismissed Origins as more of the same, and yet are pumped by this, which looks like more of the same... with a car.

It's the car isn't it? Chicks dig the car.