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@nbz said:

THAT was a fucking ending. Jeff getting both Stars than Dan usually gets sealed the deal hahahahahaha


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@warpig87 said:

Douche Bag Simulator 2015: Hipster Edition.

I don't know what's louder. That PA system, or the sound of all those eyes rolling

Like Hot Topic the game. BOOM!

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@teddie said:

Did Drew seriously hit a kerotan with the RPG on that runway sequence by accident?

There are no accidents in Metal Gear Scanlon, only Drew level play.

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@awkwardloser said:

The idea of Drew one and doneing The End but going Grey Fox on The Fury is bizarre.

The Fury is probably the only boss I actively hate hate out all the MGS bosses. He is just not fun. He's either super easy or endlessly frustrating.

They don't call him 'The Fun', they call him 'The Fury' for a reason.

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Well now, I must echo the words already spoken heretofore: FUCK YES!

Also, fuck crabs.

What's wrong with crabs, all they wanna do is crab stuff?

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@shinluis said:


If you stop shooting lethal ammo at everything that moves maybe the enemy won't be on CAUTION ALL THE TIME

Jason please help you're our only hope

But he wants to kill, he likes to kill, he has to kill.

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@lausebub said:

Actually, there is a chance that Drew ends up in the lab again.

During the The End boss fight, if you spend too much time looking around in first person, be it iron sights or he binoculars, The End will eventually creep up behind you, make you unconscious and throw you in one of the prison cells in the lab.

Oh that's right he doesn't even have the SKS yet. New Strut F confirmed!

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The first 40 minutes of this video are excruciating, and I love it.

Not gonna lie this episode turned me into a sadist too.

"I hope he doesn't use his therms because I want see him fight The Fear at least twenty times!"-said by me to myself. Angry Drew > Regular Drew.

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Next episode is gonna be very eventful.

Both The Fear and The End most likely.

5 bucks says that Drew will go full on "H button" next episode when he faces The Fear.

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