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@Generiko said:

Kevin Nash played Bass in the Dead or Alive movie.

Wait! what!? Like Diesel Kevin Nash?

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That's what I'm talking about!

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I'd buy that for 1200 Microsoft Points!

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@ColonelRick said:


Jeff has the papah.

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@Thrillhouse87 said:

the album punk rock, by the group punk rock. a classic from the year punk rock, featuring such great songs as punk rock, punk rock and punk rock.

That album was huge in '96.

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@PerfidiousSinn said:

@snowflame said:

I'm confused. Where's Conan O'Brien?

@Sauson said:

When I saw Coco I thought they meant Conan O'brien.

I am disappointed.

Yeah, I was waiting for Conan to show up the whole video. What a waste.

I was going to make that joke damn it.

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@super2j: You are the camera!

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@Bummey said:

Everyone knows engineers need their salt licks, but do they really need that many?

Damn unions!

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@Milkman said:

Mr. Gerstmann...TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!

That was going to be my post damn it!

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I could turn that room for $15,000.