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@Jinto said:

Damn locusts, why they gotta go and invade Hyrule to. Too bad Link isn't beefy enough to stop 'em. Bring on the sandwiches!


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@MoleyUK: That is the single best image I've seen on the internet in this week.

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I'm getting a strong CSI Miami vibe here.

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@thebigJ_A said:

At least it's not Michael Vick's Dog Football, yaknowwhatI'msayin'?

Not gonna lie, I'd play that game.
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@Leosol said:
Ice to see you!
Allow me to break the ice!
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@walterbennet said:

So, this is the galaxy Kane went to at the end of C&C 4?

Now I can't not see it!
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@zaglis said:
@AlisterCat said:

The custscene looks like it was made in Garry's Mod.

How dare you bad mouth GMod.
Now that I think of it; I was kind of expecting John Freeman to show up.
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Please tell me there's a FemShep version of this!

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@enemymouse said:

God Dammit I love mustard!

Mustard is the most divisive condiment ever made by man. 
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@Weazul said:
decimate your opponants/wallet with smoke grenades!
That or use cloak! An ability that's better in nearly every way possible!