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@CaptainMax said:
" Anyone else notice the swastika in maze craze? "
It's multiplayer someone has to be the bad guy.
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@Malakhii said:
" Man, Lynch has such a great haircut. "
I think barbers call that "the crazy."
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I though I was the only one saw the resemblance. 

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Major Havoc is coming to Game Room. I played a trial of it before they pulled it. Should be re-unlocked July 7.

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@Kefkaesque said:
" Will there be 775 million zombies to kill? "
That's a number that's almost too powerful to end!
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*The above picture is not meant to imply if certain individuals living or dead should or shouldn't be sent to Riker's. It's only intent is a comedic** one. 
**Laughter not guaranteed, void where prohibited. 

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@Parabole: I honestly thought that character was female until you came along.
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 One of these days I need to learn how to make animated GIFs.
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@hi_im_rob said:
" @DivineCC said:

" Why isn't their armor covering their arms? They're at war with bullets constantly flying past them, shouldn't they cover as much of their bodies as possible? "

 Bro, there's chicks around.  Gotta flex those pipes out there dude! "
You are absolutely correct.
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