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Just splice audio clips together like how South Park did it when Chef left.

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Kindergarten Cop is the best!

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Mirrors Edge - The blonde bitch is the masked assassin all along! Woop dee fuckin doo. With a game in which the story-line barely even matters I just didn't get this... the friend betrayal bit is been overdone to shreds and with a barely non-existent storyline, I just wanted to slap EA. I do love this game though, just that plot twist frustrates me.

Totally. The worst part is when the particular cliche you mention takes place in a game that has, like 3 characters to begin with.

Vince Russo worked on Mirror's Edge?

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Skylanders is dumb. I'd rather play Majora's Mask or Yoshi's Island than this garbage. :P

But Skylanders has a shark, A SHARK WITH CLAWS THAT WALKS ON LAND.

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I want a D4 style Bostonian accent as an option, if that's the case I'm all onboard for a fully voiced protagonist

I'm going to make my Fallout 4 dude just Ben Affleck from "The Town."

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I use Zune...

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How is Bill Gate's favourite game, Fusion Frenzy, not on here?

Fusion Frenzy: Bill Gate's favorite game.

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Looks like the problem may be the connector cable between the genesis and 32X but that's a big maybe.

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Waiting for Yooka-Laylee: Screws and Washers.