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Thought it wasn't nearly as awkward as the third MPP and Brad in the final hour was on form, he was reveling in Dan's failings. Enjoyed this one a lot, also it probably helped that Mario Party 4 actually seemed like a better game than the first 3. The mushrooms and items actually added strategy to the game and lead to some great moments.

'IF I CAN'T HAVE IT! NOBODY CAN!' had me rolling

I always knew Brad was a "Scorched Earth" personality type.

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It would be highly unlikely for anyone to be mugged in the rural town I live in.

But I'm planning to move to Montreal in a few years, so I guess we'll see then.

Don't worry, there's no crime in Canada!

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I want one of Drew blowing up a senior citizen with a grenade.

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@joshwent said:

"Alex, we have a problem..."

A short ongoing series where @vinny shows the GBeast crew just how many ways there are to make something really expensive blow up. (and maybe even eventually get to the moon)

Make it so!

In the words of John Felix Anthony Cena* YES! YES! YES!

*I know its really Daniel Bryan.

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"Your enchanted items, give dem to me, now!" -Dan

Warforged are terminators really. They don't eat, sleep, or breath and are really tough.

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Dansev CRUSH!

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@humanity said:

@white said:

*is jonesing hard*

*getting really shaky hands*

Seriously. I know it probably won't happen this week but every day I foolishly check the Upcoming feed, praying to the holy Kish..

I've got ants all over me!