Bad Dudes

The most baddest dudes that have ever lived, ever! Spiky haired teenagers need not apply!

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Posted by Almak

Fantastic list!

Edited by Cowman
@Almak said:

" Fantastic list! "

That reminds me; three members of the Fantastic Four are bad dudes! Well, maybe just two of them now that you mention it!
Posted by Orkkimies

my god i laughed at chuck norris 
Appears on this list twice! :DDDDDDDD

Posted by maimran91

Awesome list, man!

Posted by Agent47

Hmmm #47.Agent 47?Definite recommendation.

Posted by Kyreo
@Agent47 said:
" Hmmm #47.Agent 47?Definite recommendation. "
Oh wow!  I didn't even notice that!

Great list btw!
Posted by DEFE

Baddest of dudes contained herein.