Games that beat me.

This is a list of the games I honestly tried to beat but couldn't without the use of a player's guide.

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Good to see you're willing to admit where things didn't work out.  From what I've heard, the technologist often gets shafted in the balance side of things in Arcanum.  Something about the gun not being as good as spells, or something.

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Posted by smokeH

I love how the last few don't have a reason, funny list gave me a few laughs along the way :D 

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By any chance were you playing these games in Soviet Russia?

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@Dalai said:
" By any chance were you playing these games in Soviet Russia? "
I didn't even title this list with that joke in mind but dang bro I should have.
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I hardly ever cheated in those days, but that's only because I spent all my money on comics and I couldn't afford nintendo power. If I couldn't beat a game, I just gave up and sold it. 
Also, I totally agree that the Eco the Dolphin stuff and the all Ghost's 'n' _________ titles are ridiculously hard, but I played FF 7 clear to the end. 
I simply couldn't stop playing it.  

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I agree 100% with Quest 64. Not a bad concept for an N64 game but it was just carried out so poorly.

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In arcanum playing a technologist is actually the strongest way to play it, but by far the most demanding.

The core problem with playing technologist is that you need to know for what you're going from day 1, you can't simply dabble in it all.

Also the followers you pick-up is of MUCh higher imporance, virgil(your main follower) won't put it, you need jana stiles, and charisma becomes obsollete, seing as dog+2 followers is MORE then enough followers (magnus+styles, or styles+that poison gnome is the best solutions).

For instance going into herbology is often pointless for technologists, not bcus its not good, but because its not good enough, 1 of the best guns in the game is the tesla-gun, which is also a problem in the game when you first start playing, how the fuck are you supposed to know this?

Tesla gun=you need the gunmaking skill+electricity maxed, from there you want gnades, bcus nades are fucking awesome, but you dont want to waste skillpoints on leveling up your thrown (which is rly counter-intuitive)

Also youl need to get to the anti-magic technology, but thats a spoiler so i wont explain anything about that.

The problem about technologist in arcanum, is you dont get enough information, and its a much less intuitive class to form for urself.

Whilst a fighter-mage just need some strength buff, some dex buff, and the harm spell+combat skill, easypeazy, and you wouldnt need much research to find that this would be a good path.