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 #7 was one of the first one's I guessed but the last one I got  .. The franchise page has a link to the  VGA remake  and you want to find the original.  

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" @emkeighcameron said:

"7. I need to find something. Finding this thing requires an epic journey. Unfortunately it takes me into the reaches of the final frontier. I guess you could say I'm on a _____ _____. "

There are so many pages to choose from and I have tried them all and I still don't have credit. Am I missing something?  EDIT: I finally got it! Woo! "
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" anyone else have problems with #7?  I think it is glitching for me.  I have gone to the page multiple times with no avail.  Tried both the franchise page and the first game in the series.  Any suggestions? "

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omg, can i get moaaaar ?? 
hmm.. guess it didnt give the  "chatter among yourself" just by that

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Yeh, sorry.. just trying to get an achie myself with this post ...  
Keep up the good work ;)

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That's it ... no happy end...  
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Flawless victory!

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when's the port to android ? ;D

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 Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys  
yeh, very long story.  
but in short.. it's more red vs blue.. as good vs bad. Both sides have their good and bad parts.  Both sides have attacked each, both sides have their dirty laundry. 

The main summary why the horde are bad according to the alliance, they are orcs.  and the orcs -while under control by the burning legion-  invaded kalimdor.  
The horde on the other hand broke free of this control and under the leadership of Thrall were a quite peaceful bunch.. but the leader of the alliance never forgave them and kept fighting a war against them.     (which in turn made some of the Horde want to retaliate and so on)
There was a delicate peace - aside some skirmishes from both sides - from burning crusade until the wrath of the lich king.  
During lich they even joined forces for a while to slay Arthras.. However just when the combined army was about to attack the wrathgate a small group which split of from the forsaken attacked both sides.  This culminated in a huge battle for the Undercity which sort of ended in a draw and the peace situation got shattered.  
In cataclysm
 With Thrall busy defending the world from collapse and a new and more eager to fight warchief for the Horde, and some fresh plans from the alliance,  the peace time definitely seems postponed.  
Just remember the old proverb about where two are fighting.. there are two parties to blame.

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i failed to read all the comments , i will when i have some more time 
for beginner,  just buy the classic wow .. level up for a while at least to get a basic feel for it ... level 30 should be a nice goal ;)     
because  until level 20 there is no real differentiation .. a lvl 18 paladin can heal , tank and dps ..and if you are dps'ing and the tank dies you can quickly take over without much worries. you don't have enough talent points or gear difference to make it matter (practice in the role aside) . 
* classic (sundered by cataclysm)   1- 60  ..          everything changed for everyone.. if you get classic you will see the shattered world
* burning crusade      60 -70      
* wrath of the lich king 70 - 80  
* cataclysm 80-85      - the only benefit to get the expansion is when you hit level 80 and want to progress, or goblin/worgen
short answers ..  
-you don't need cataclysm untill you are level 80 .. or if you desperately want to make a worgen or goblin 
-you don't need wrath of the lich king until you are level 70 .. or if you desperately want to level to 55 and make a deathknight.   
-you don't need burning crusade until you are level 60 .. or if you desperately want to make a blood elf or dreaenei 
also note the reduced prices :) 
longer answers , tips and stuff i'll try to submit later on