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@gla55jAw: You have no idea of how helpful you just were in making my decision that much easier. I really appreciate it.

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I need to get some things clear: Is it absolutely necessary for me to use a walkthrough (guide) to complete FF IV: TCC (because it would be impossible to acquire one at 35,000 feet)? And in which game is grinding the most necessary? / Biggest part of the game?

And: please, take a look at this review (of the DS version of FF IV) and share your opinion of this reviewer's claims (a lot of grinding, and so on).

REVIEW: bit.ly/OTtvzF

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@gla55jAw: Is it easy to get stuck, not knowing where to go next?

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@Hunter5024: Awkward: Can't buy PSone games on Vita (at least not on the European PSN). Any new proposals?

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@Kevin_Cogneto: Yeah... grinding. I hate it, and judging from this review (just take a look at the title and the conclusion: bit.ly/OTtvzF) of the DS (3D) version of FF IV, there will indeed be grinding.

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@Hunter5024: How much grinding is it in IV and how important is grinding in IV? Do I NEED to grind? 'Cuz that wouldn't be cool.

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A fan of JRPGs, am I not, but I guess if it's a really good one...

Complete Collection is the one with the hi-res sprites and no voice acting, right? That's the one to get, not the polygonal one with the voice acting.

As far as I know, the 3D one (with voice acting???) is the remake on the DS. The (PSP) Complete Collection is indeed the hi-res one. Is that a good thing? And would I, who hasn't really played RPGs from that era (born in '96, which should explain some things), enjoy FF IV? And is it easy to get lost in FF IV (I mean litterally stuck, don't know where to go next)?

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First I want to say that I do know that there's a similarly titled forum discussion, but it didn't provide satisfactory answers, so I decided to create my own.

I'm going to be stuck on a plane from about 12 hours next week. I found out that I would like to, among other things , delve into an RPG. FF IV: TCC and P3P were the to best looking choices. I've read numerous review about both, but I can still not choose. I've not played any other game in either of those two franchises (well, except FF VII), so you could say that I'll be delving into a completely new experience. A fan of JRPGs, am I not, but I guess if it's a really good one...

Final Fantasy (FF) is a series I've not really played many of the games of, but I've heard (and read) that the fourth one is really, really good. A masterpiece. But my biggest worry is that I'll get stuck, don't know where I'm going to go next. Which is what happened to me in Final Fantasy VII. Unfortunately.

(FYI: I will be playing on my Vita.)

So, I only ask for this: Which game and why?