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@oompaville: Thanks. Yep, I know that persistence is the key to success here. Also, for me the journey is just as good as the goal. I feel great after every workout (and after every time I went jogging)). That alone already makes it more than worth it, even if I didn't gain a single gramm of muscle mass. Furthermore, I did set my goals realistically: I want a lean and well-defined body, not a mountain of muscles.

As far as tipps for workouts and nutrition goes, I turned to scooby1961 on youtube. Also, a friend who's been doing weight-lifting for about a decade is instructing me. :)

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Dresden, Germany

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I started jogging regularly and doing push-ups and crunches on the side about one year ago. By now I lost about 25 pounds (I wasn't that overweight, just had a little belly). Last week I finally got me a gym membership and started weight-lifting. So yup, I've become pretty interested in fitness recently and I got to say, being in shape feels great. My only regret is that I didn't discover this lifestyle a couple of years earlier.

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Sure, if she shared the same humor and chemistry with the guys. Someone like Carrie Gouskos, for example.

But I don't see that happening. In this industry dominated by males, it's already hard enough to find a guy with those qualities.

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How many of them are just guests or speculative hires? I'd also say "or already entrenched in the industry (GameSpot)", but I'm not feeling anything cogent from that.

The one outlier that faced stiff opposition from parts of the community was actually Patrick. I really like the guy and what he brought to GB news- and article-wise, but that was a case of the chemistry not really fitting (again: despite him being a great and competent guy). It was especially noticable on the podcast. On the other hand, the chemistry definitely improved as time went on.

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@spraynardtatum: Are you living in bizarro world? Zenimax is the bully here. And it's not the first time either. That company is scum.

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I have a "gorgeous view" message next to the Far Fire in Majula that has a 100+ rating or something. Yeah, really original. I know.

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That's good to hear. Keep at it.

Ryan's passing also reinforced the notion for me that life is too short to waste any time being miserable and discontented with life (I did waste a couple of years that way). Do the things you want to do immediately and make yourself feel as comfortable as possible - that includes being in shape in my opinion.

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@sammo21 said:

Honestly, at this point, there are a select few people who I even care about in the "games press" any longer. The Duders at Giant Bomb, Jeff Green (who seems to just be in job limbo right now), and...I don't know...Justin McElroy? Polygon has some OK stuff but in terms of specific people I follow I can't say I do follow anyone there. Phillip Kollar maybe but that dude is a little too hipster at times.

Jeff Green has a new job - and you're going to like this - he's working as a game's consultant at N'Gai Croals company now. I'm not joking.

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@brackynews: Nope. I'm actually saying that a different team worked on this, not just another director. People compared the credits from all Souls games and while the DeS and DS1 teams are largely the same, almost no one from the DeS/DS1 team worked on DS2. Also, Miyazaki explained in interviews that he and his team are pretty tightly knit. So I'd make sense if they left those internal studio structures intact within From Software.

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@cptbedlam said:

most people are sheeple and are easily steered by Fox News and the like.

Not a lot of faith in democracy, I see. *taps crown a bit*

I like the idea but if only democracy wasn't so vulnerable to populism in concert with unrestricted capitalism. It's the latter concepts that are poisonous.