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Ive recently bought it. Doesnt look as good as the PC version but its still amazing. Combat takes a while to get used to but once you do is nicely challenging. Also i would recommend throwing yourself into the lore as they throw names around without much explanation due to you going in at the 2nd instalment ( that is assuming you havnt played the first).

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@Korolev: Yeah brisbane was my favourite city that i have visited in australia. I just hope they dont pick your so called "capital" Canberra is such a shit hole.

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Well that was all fucking stupid.

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Jeff, his voices and some of his random off shoots are hilarious. vinny is a close second.

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These are amazing, good work duder!

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So as you know the latest braking brad is his mission to get the Superior Firepower achievement by beating Doom II: hell on earth on ultra violence.

As far as i am aware, im pretty sure he hasnt said anything about it, that is what Brad thinks the achievement is for. However, I just completed it myself today and the achievement didnt pop for me. After a little look on the web i found that the achievement is actually gotten by beating both "hell on earth" AND "No rest for the living" on ultra violence.

I dont think brad has done the latter, so all his efforts could be in vain. Still its a hell of a lot of fun watching him play, though i doubt that will help his gutted feeling when he finds this out.

Sorry Brad.

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My avatar is commander keen

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I loved dead space, but really disliked dead space 2. this looks like it is more like 2 than1. so I am out.

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I live in the uk, here its a common thing.