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Wether on streaming or progressive, all the videos lag awfully, high or low quality. It's just a photopresentation :( That's really a bummer. At the moment it's the main reason for me not te be a paid member. Such a pity :( 

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The only game I can think of at the moment would be Riven,  (cause all the Monkey Island classics have been remade just yet). That Game was stunning in its time. Just imagine it running in 1080p and more fluent movement like in Myst 4.  
And maybe yet another remake of monkey island, only then with the graphics they showed in the Special Edition of the second one. 
Hmm, and maybe the world is really in desperate need of a Armed and Dangerous remake. That game was freakin' awesome! 

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Limburger hier! Ja kom maar met alle commentaar. De andere wereldburgers op dit forum accepteren limburgers gewoon voor wie ze zijn hoor! >(

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I usually only pirate a game I'm not totally convinced of to pay 60 bucks for. If I like it, I still buy it afterwards. Same goes for music and movies too.   
Recently I pirated the whole Monty Python series and then bought the Monster Box. . . So yeah, is that wrong too? 
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Yeah a female protoganist and maybe more crazy stuff to do in a vice city like area would be awesome!
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It really depends what vacation it is. My summer usually starts with some chill-out, like this one: 

But my christmas vacation asks for something else like: 
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@N3onThr33 said:
" @benitobb said:
" Elder Scrolls V "

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Totally awesome! xD Fernando ftw!

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Whoow that book looks like the hitchhikers guide !

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