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Hey @danryckert, a couple notes. You can still totally do the pressure sensitive buttons with the ps3 controller, but it's about pressing lightly, not letting off lightly. If you press that H button all the way down, you have to unequip to release without firing. Also, you totally don't need to go in first person view to hold people up, you can do it just by running up behind them and pressing H to draw your gun on them, no fiddling with first person mode required.

So fucking pumped you guys are starting this again so soon!!

Right, and wrong. The pressure sensitive buttons work exactly how they did in the original game. Let off square lightly to cancel pistol fire, and press square lightly to aim with rifles but not shoot. It totally works on PS3.

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I hope you can edit the names in this game, If I'm going to play this I need my main man Ding Chavez.

You absolutely can :)

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Kind of crazy/cool that no in this UPF was a part of Giant Bomb when Ryan/Jeff and friends first started it.

PS: Obviously Brad has been there forever, but if I'm not mistaken he didn't come in until several months in.

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It seems to do the game a little bit of disservice to run through the level as quickly as possible; the time mechanic didn't seem to be in effect on the mission so the optimal scenario would appear to be to plan out your moves as much as possible to get loot, then bail.

Of course, having said that, Dan maniacally ran around opening everything and got to safety with 82% map exploration, so what do I know?

After 8 hours, I can say that you *usually* are able to explore most of a map without the Alarm Level becoming a real issue. I feel like it's more about keeping you from just sitting around (even though it still feels weird considering it's a stealth game).

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I think I'd love to see them play MGS4 more than any of them, but that's likely because I have the deepest connection to it.

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Turner, was I a vase?

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Dan's immense joy revisiting this made the video. He's perf for GB.

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I'm sorry, but the visuals are irksome. Did the developer run out of time and just decide to make every character a cube? They definitely clash with the rest of the art. I have nothing against minimalism with purpose, but this just feels like laziness. I don't think I would have the guts to release a game like this and not be embarrassed.

For the sake of varying opinions, I think it looks pretty great!