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It seems to do the game a little bit of disservice to run through the level as quickly as possible; the time mechanic didn't seem to be in effect on the mission so the optimal scenario would appear to be to plan out your moves as much as possible to get loot, then bail.

Of course, having said that, Dan maniacally ran around opening everything and got to safety with 82% map exploration, so what do I know?

After 8 hours, I can say that you *usually* are able to explore most of a map without the Alarm Level becoming a real issue. I feel like it's more about keeping you from just sitting around (even though it still feels weird considering it's a stealth game).

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I think I'd love to see them play MGS4 more than any of them, but that's likely because I have the deepest connection to it.

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Turner, was I a vase?

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Dan's immense joy revisiting this made the video. He's perf for GB.

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I'm sorry, but the visuals are irksome. Did the developer run out of time and just decide to make every character a cube? They definitely clash with the rest of the art. I have nothing against minimalism with purpose, but this just feels like laziness. I don't think I would have the guts to release a game like this and not be embarrassed.

For the sake of varying opinions, I think it looks pretty great!

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Getting the PS4 controller to work for PC is really easy, install the PS4 wrapper, install the driver, start the server and you're good to go.

In ideal circumstances this is true, but when you're dealing with bad ports like the first Dark Souls it becomes much more fiddly than using the 360 controller.

I don't comprehend how it can be more fiddly, its literally is like using 360 (games see the controller as a 360 controller) plus with the touch pad being able manipulate the mouse without setting down the controller is so great.

Just push the PS button twice (once to connect to PC and 2nd to pop up big picture mode) and my laptop becomes mid-range portable gaming machine

I'm honestly surprised people want to play games like Titanfall on PC with a controller competitively. Puts you at a disadvantage against mouses. But hey, I bet it's way more comfortable :)

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you know I been watching their quick looks for years now and sometimes just cant believe how they cant figure out the basic features right away when playing the game, the part about zooming out of the map to see the full continent and jeff says you cant zoom out bc you are in the city, I am yelling at my tv "yes you can you idiot! right mouse click! c'mon right mouse click!" and several past quick looks they have done similar things like that and right then and there you will here vinnie say "well thats a shame" or "well thats stupid they dont let you do that" or "that brings down a couple points to me" just annoys me they go into the quicklooks claiming to have played yet basic features they cant figure out on camera and already judge the game bc of those "missing" basic features

There was a time when Quick Looks meant the host always knew what they were talking about, but nowadays I just expect them to be very early impressions/first time playing.

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I would recommend FTL as your next game. Not only because its a fantastic game, but because FTL: Advanced Edition is supposed to come out April 3rd. Free update with a bunch of new stuff like new systems and subsystems, weapons, drones, even new music and writing(apparently they got Mr. Avellone himself). Its good timing, if nothing else.

I second this with all my heart. I ended up not watching much of this because, to me, BoI isn't a great game to watch someone play. But I would totally dig FTL. Far more interesting watch (and I just love the game more).

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Wait, isn't NES Remix out already?

Also, yes, more X! Also also, I hope the RPG mode in Mario Golf is like the Camelot GBA tennis and golf games. By far my favorite Mario Sports games.

I think they announced NES Remix 2, might be a typo.

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Doesn't Unfinished get uploaded on YT? This videoplayer is such wretched shit.

I agree!

The "Youtube" option in the video player is working fine for me!