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@daneian: Unless they drop another bomb on us, yes, it's only single player. Historically, X games always have been.

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Egosoft has finally come out of hiding and announced release date for X: Rebirth, something I've been waiting impatiently for years for.

November 15th in Europe, November 19th in the US. Already on Steam, but no pre-orders yet.

With it, they've also released a new nearly 4-minute trailer, which links to another video of Bernd explaining scale and some game features.

I haven't really been paying close attention to this, so I was taken aback by the fact that you have a multi-crew ship, and can actually enter and walk around stations. The game looks simply gorgeous.

Yes, it's kind of a bummer you're stuck in one ship, and yes every single X game comes out with game-breaking inexcusable bugs but...good God I haven't been this excited about a game since the new XCOM hit. I put over 1000 hours into X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Reunion combined and unless things go horribly awry (and they might), Rebirth will be gettin' near those numbers over the holidays too. Who needs new consoles?

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Just applied to Kite Co, the name's Jax Musseau

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@JasonR86 said:

It's just a map. Rather then focus on the bonus you get for preordering don't preorder because preordering is for suckers.

I am also in the anti-pre-order crowd. I find most bonuses game-breaking, immersion-breaking, or otherwise lame and often ignore them, even if I do pre-order. But this Amazon gift card ain't gonna spend itself!

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So, Black Ops 1 was a pleasant surprise for me. I hated World at War, was disappointed with MW2, so I swore off the franchise and didn't pay much attention to Blops. Months after release I came home for holidays and watched my sister play it and was pleasantly surprised. Map design, the dive to prone, the tomahawk...I picked it up and really enjoyed it.

That said, I could never, NEVER understand the community's love of Nuketown. It was upvoted every single time it came up, and when they added Nuketown 24/7 playlists I couldn't believe how popular they were. The map was tiny, a spawnkill fest, a spawn-and-shoot/throw your grenades-asap fest. Lord I hated it--even if I usually did very well on it because let's face it, the majority of CoD players are hilariously bad. Upside of such a huge community.

So, my question is this: Is anyone else, like me, planning to NOT pre-order the game because Nuketown 2025 is the pre-order bonus? Or, perhaps, pre-ordering but going to leave the code un-vouched for? I think it was rather nice of them to allow me to opt out of this god-forsaken map. Oh and here's a trailer they just put out for it. It looks like the same exact map.

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1. - If any squad member can see an enemy (the red/yellow alien face icons appear in the bottom right), and the sniper has a clear shot/line of sight to that same alien, then he can shoot it. After the big patch on PC, you can tell which aliens can be seen in squad sight by their red icons having a little yellow crosshair over them when you have your sniper selected.

2. - I always pick the same abilities for every soldier of a certain class, mainly because I'm afraid if I switch it up, I'll forget which soldier has which ability at a crucial time and mess something up. "Alright time to do this, and-oh shit this Heavy isn't the one with Shredder Rockets. I'm boned."

3. - I have not had this issue.

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This is amazing. That looks EXACTLY like a persona 4 character. You gotta make more!

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This. Is. AMAZING.

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Can you clarify your "internet issues"?

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If I'm reading your description correctly, that's the "claw technique" (I think?) that's more common than you'd think among competitive FPS players. I think it's crazy and painful but I've seen it done.