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HOLY CRAP! That actually exists!?!  
I've seen it all now. 
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This must have been posted before but I couldn't find it here in the forum. Apologies if it has already been posted.  
OS: OSX Snow Leopard 
Browser: Google Chrome 
Bug: In what year did the first DOOM game came out.  
Issues: CAME instead of COME 

Spelling error: WHAT the official abbreviation of Smackdown Vs Raw  
Should be: WHAT's the official abbreviation...
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I'd start with Python as well. It's easier to understand and takes care of all the cumbersome functions from other languages for you (while and for loops etc.) 
Here is a great online book thats FREE.   You'll be up and running in no time. 

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Super off topic subject but super important! What is your favorite STORE bought cheese and why? List the store and the brand please just incase I get peckish. 

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So. I found myself on XBOX live today switching between ODST, COD:MW2 and GOW2 in COOP mode. I found with each game the controls where getting a lot more intuitive and easier to adjust to, and that the ODST controls I found to be just terrible (right stick in to zoom? a trigger for grenades?) I was just wondering how you guys feel in regards to control system and what do you folks find the easiest or most intuitive.  

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It'll give me some more time to save up the pennies to buy. Hopefully they can also use the time effectively and give the game a good polish.