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The Kirby is mine. The Ba-bomb is made by my friend.
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@billygoat117: Yeah I actually noticed that after my post. I don't think my mblem looks as good as BO1 still ,but it'll do

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The emblem creator seems to inferior to Black Ops 1. Yeah, you can add alot more layers, but they removed alot of shapes. Where are the ovals? I NEED OVALS and trying to combine the included shapes to make others never looks right.

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I saved in Black Stone and went back to play later only to have the game freeze EVERY time I try and load my save, therefore stopping me from continuing. If gets through the story dialogue on the loading screen then just locks up completely. I really do not want to lose 20 hours of progress.

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The other day, I decided to finish off Dark Souls while streaming live, a game I had previously put over 50 hours into, but had yet to reach the conclusion of. Guess how many times one can die in a single five hour session? Watch to find out.

Please note that since I was streaming the game live, there is a slight delay between what I'm commenting on and what happens on screen. Basically, I react to things a second before they are shown.

There is quite alot of cursing in this video, though I'm sure any Dark Souls player can understand why. Hopefully you find my frustration entertaining.

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Dark Souls Stream - Part 1

Dark Souls Stream - Part 2

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Join me as I start of 2012 with a let's play of a game that is often regarded as one of the scariest games of all time, Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, as voted for by the viewers. This is the Xbox version, aka Director's Cut, so I'll be playing in the added First-Person mode.

My plan is to release 1-2 parts a day. Hope you enjoy guys.

Video contains violence and language.

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I don't see why they would. They have never locked any of my other video review posts

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I just got the HD collection today and started playing through MGS2. I've played MGS2 and MGS3 to death before so maybe a newcomer wouldn't notice these issues, but two things related to sound design bug me. First is the rerecorded dialouge. Now only a few lines have been rerecorded to mention the new controller layouts during Codec conversations, but they stand out. The actors were either directed poorly or just didn't care about recording 10 or so long from a game they worked on a decade ago, but the quality from one line to the next in these instances is very distracting to me. Secondly, it seems to me that music drowns out the dialouge sometimes. If you try to have a Codec conversation while the music is going, it's really hard to hear the characters and without any way to adjust sound levels in the options screen, its an issue that can't ever be fixed. I don't recall this being an issue in the original release. Minor complaints overall as MGS2 still holds up rather well, but I'm curious if either of these things bug someone else.