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@Ben_H said:

This game is amazing. I am totally thinking of buying it.

So amazing that you are willing to consider the prospect of shelling out what could only be classed as an insignificant amount of money to purchase it! Are your feet cold? I only ask because it sounds to me like the current status of your socks is: blown off.

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Good job.

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All I can gather from the thumbnail to this video is Ric Flair encourages blocky virtual wrestlers to give hand job's in ring to a rowdy live audience while Alex looks on uncomfortably. Sounds like a party.

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@Abendlaender said:

Is that a Bit.Trip Runner poster?

No it's a Nyan Cat thing.

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This game looks pretty amazing to me.

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@Grissefar said:

Carrie Gouskos? More like Carrie boring PAX Warhammer PR guest segment, am I right?


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@AvD said:

I understand that this is a personal list and has little influence on the actual Giant Bomb GoTY awards, but is Ryan really telling us that You Don't Know Jack was a more fun and fulfilling gaming experience to him than Skyrim? I just find that to be a questionable opinion for a game critic.


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@thehowlingman said:

I still ca'nt fucking believe this... 4 goddamn stars? You're saying that the newest LEGEND OF ZELDA game, that the nintendo community has been waiting for for HALF A DECADE, is only 4 FUCKING STARS? According to you this game is as bad as CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE FUCKING 3... i'm so fucking pissed off right now, fuck you

Is this a real comment? It's hard to detect sarcasm on the internet.

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@flawless2c said:

I don't think they understand that putting their videos like this on YouTube is not going to increase their popularity or get more people to watch their videos. The only people who would watch their videos now are people who already know and like this site. Any random person on YouTube who watches gaming videos and stumbles on a Giantbomb video and sees it's in 360p is going to immediately stop watching it.

Seriously, the gaming industry brought HD mainstream and made it the status quo. How is this "hardcore" gaming website putting it's video out on YouTube (so for free) and NOT making them HD? Other than the really sleezy aspect of HD making their premium service (a sleazy move in it of it self) more desirable, they have no excuse. How does Kotaku make it's money? How does Demnoid make its money? How do all the other gaming sites make money? They don't resort to these dumb tactics of not offering HD videos, having really annoying ads (Dead Island shit, meebo), and having a "premium" service. There has seriously been a lot of stupid going on with the top men as of late.

And believe me, I love this site, have followed these guys since the GameSpot days, and want it to succeed. I'm just giving criticism where criticism is due.

Feel better now bud?

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Now this is a serious cheevo, I have all the dead rising achievements, mile high club, limbo play through, the kid on meat boy and I have never even come close to this.