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@AssInAss said:

If there weren't the dislikes for the recent Uncharted 3 review, I wouldn't have known that there's huge fucking spoilers given!

Become a subscriber or deal with it.

Brad was in the video... how could you not know?

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What is this business? It seems highly serious!

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@Monopolized @NickBOTT

Well good news guys. Games come out on a Tuesday where you live so you can play them first!

Problem solved!

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Dead Space is pretty much the best example I can think of, that was certainly one where it stood out at least. I also so thought Arkham Asylum was quite good, I'm not sure I like Arkham City's as much but in the grand scheme of things that is a very minor gripe.

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@Monopolized said:

i wish video games only came out on fridays, mainly because I have that day off and I would have money.

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Not really sure why, but I would much rather have them come out on fridays like some people have said it is for them because then you'd have the whole weekend to play and enjoy it rather than wanting to call out of work so I can have more play time.

You know even though games come out on a Tuesday there, you could just buy them on a Friday instead.

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I have been active on some different forums in the past and then stopped using them completely. I only post on GB now and I seem to be doing that less and less, on rare occasions I post on some of the other Whiskey sites as I visit each of them practically daily but only really read the GB forums.

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I have played it. It thought it had it's moments but was distinctly mediocre, lots of charm hampered by some technical issues and a lack of polish.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

It's usually the obliviously positive bandwagoners for me. The ones living in denial and having no real unique opinions of their own. Otherwise, there's not a single person on Giant Bomb that I dislike. Each person has their good and their bad, and together we make for one smashing community!

Positivity... ON THE INTERNET? What a bunch of douches.

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@SpawnMan:Man up dude.

Men don't have feelings. They have muscles.