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I guess that could be cool but having Link in the GC version was the ultimate guest character to me. Also do you have a source for that picture good sir?

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What about us Brits? As far as I know you cant get NOS in the UK.

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Fuckin' SWAG! Buy it just for DMC3, a beast of the game and I only played the OG version so GET HYPE!

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@MooseyMcMan said:

Man, the Saint's Row games are so dumb. Not that I disapprove, mind you.

Well the first game wasn't really that dumb, it was kind of dumb but no dumber than a Vice City or a San Andreas and a lot of it seemed unintentional. They really seemed to take it to the next level with the second game just so they could be the antithesis of the more serious GTA:IV. I guess they liked that direction because they are totally now going all the way with it, like literally as far as you can go.

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@jakob187 said:

@HandsomeDead: Actually, every interview I had didn't mind any of my tattoos. The reason I didn't get half the jobs I interviewed for? I don't have tits and a vagina. Good to see you're as cynical as ever, HandsomeDead. = D

I'm pretty sure if someone did mind your tattoos they probably wouldn't just come out and say "You are not going to get this job because of your tattoos." Also you couldn't get half the jobs you interviewed for because you didn't have a vagina, what was you trying for? Stripper? Tampon tester? Nurse? Anyway, a beastly welcome back from me duder!

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I knew of it, but I know none of the rules or anything. I think it's quite similar to rugby right? Since they only play it in Australia it seems like a hard sport to have any interest in if you are outside of that country. Sort of like the NFL.

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@ReyGitano: I like how this has become "your roomate" the thread.

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Probably Mario Galaxy.

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Not unless the Xbox owners create a petition for Koblami to change the monkeys into children. It' s not go to say that Xbox owners like to hunt down children, it's just an example.

This could have been a clever reference.

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I really don't think this is going to make that much difference they were practically like a Microsoft studio anyway. I guess the only thing it really means is that more disc based games utilizing the Kinect are a strong possibility.