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@PainGod89: If you have any farewell's to say to anyone. Now is the time.
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@FireBurger said:
@craigbo180: Squeamish. :)
I knew it was wrong but didn't have a clue how to spell it for the life of me!
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I'm pissed. I was looking forward to a dead rising game in this setting.

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I like how practically everyone voted for A.

That was the right option to vote for.
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@uniform said:
Hot Apple Cider
This. I could fuck up a couple gallons of the stuff if someone let me.
I have never tried hot cider. It doesn't sound like it would be good but what do I know!
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@skinnyman said:
@craigbo180: The Heavy Rain page itself does not contain any spoilers, and I think it represents a good example of how the issue should be handled.By no means am I saying this is a unique incident. Without guidelines in place, I'm sure it happens all over the wiki. I'm saying that it is a problem that could potentially turn people off to playing a certain game, or from using the wiki to look things up.
I suppose I am just of the thinking that you shouldn't be looking up anything that you are playing if you are afraid of being spoiled. I didn't get the portal quest set until a long time after it was released due to my fear of spoilers. It's hard to create guidelines for spoilers because it is all very subjective and hard to moderate, I would assume it's better that things are factual. Also I like looking up things on the wiki after I have finished playing a game they were involved in to see if I can gain any extra knowledge and this would basically be a no-go if people were tip-toeing around spoilers. Not to mention when you pick up the second game in a series or something to that effect and then hit up a wiki to find out the story of the first game. There is also instances where I have looked up characters back stories I wasn't familiar with for crossover fighting games, I want to know the twists and turns they have taken. Obviously it sucks to get spoiled but I am very screamish about spoilers and avoid everything to do with the subject.
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@Mikewrestler5 said:
I was going to buy this, but after watching the QL, it's rather obvious that the game is going to get old fast. Probably faster than many other games. Once you're done with the main story, you're done with the game.Anyone have the game and is satisified with a purchase?
I have no interest in the game but I don't play every game more than once, and for starters it is a sandbox game it's not really designed to be played multiple times. I assume it would probably take a really long time to do everything in the game and I guess you can still do all the side missions when you are done? I mean I only played the GTA games once, but then if I want to play after I have finished I just did the side objectives and went for 100%. Then what about other games of this nature like Phoenix Wright and Tales of Monkey Island, you can only really truly enjoy playing through those games in a challenging way once but that doesn't make them bad games.
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@skinnyman: I think spoilers are kind of a given in the wiki, all the game pages that detail a plot have spoilers. There is spoilers on the Portal 2 page and also on some characters from that game. 

If you were to read the Phoenix Wright wiki page there is spoilers about his career and cases.
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I am playing local matches only, I am done with single player and I haven't bothered with online since like the first week. When it is fixed I will play online and throw down some time in the lab but I can beat all my friends so there is no real incentive to play as it stands.

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@MysteriousBob said:
If you make an 'over 9000' "joke" (I use that term loosely) then your IQ is in the negative figures.
IT'S OVER 9000!

Come at me bro.