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Where is my game with Batman going, "OH YEAH!"

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@WinterSnowblind: We are paying a hugely inflated price on everything, I mean the 3DS price was massively inflated as well. Even recently we had to wait months for the release of Donkey Kong and Kirby's: Epic Yarn. There are Pokemon give away's and events in america that don't even happen here and in the past there are games that have come to the USA and Japan that never came out here like Super Mario RPG, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. I wish it wasn't the case but Europe just takes a back seat and there isn't really anything we can do about it, except be glad we aren't Australia.
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Finally B4TMAN can have his Batman inspired mask.

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@WinterSnowblind said:
Pretty annoyed that Europe is once again being ignored in favour of the US.
Not surprising really, Sony barley acknowledge that we exist.  Which is odd, considering we're their second biggest market.
Europe pretty much gets everything last all the time though. It's hardly just a Sony thing.
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I was laughing my ass off at Mortal Kombat the other night.

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Major case of counting your chickens before they hatch!

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You are both in the wrong, but I would say it's worse on her behalf because your allowed a certain level of dumbness because you are a kid.

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I try to avoid using for that unless it is totally necessary. In which case I take what I can get.

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Bootleg ass GTA IV shirt. I like it.