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@SeriouslyNow: Jealous?

Not really. I don't need to simulate dating.

Sure about that Seriouslynow? You should hear the way he and his star wars buddies are defending the virtual relationships you can have with your NPC companions in The Old Republic. I compared it to "love dolls" and they went ape shit. Nerds...

Hal, incase you didn't get the memo, we think Hitman is back. :/

Can you provide some background on this individual and how badly they tormented you to remain this paranoid? I'd just like to see if there's even a semblance of comparison other than your chicken little routine of running around calling various people you disagree with by that individual's name.

I'm not the only person who's asked you if you're Hitman. I'm not scared of anyone, your personality reminds people of Hitman.

"Your personality reminds people of Hitman" is the subtle way to say you're a douche.

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Sounds like a beast of a game!

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Have it on pc but will buy it for 3DS as well. If VVVVVV is coming out in the E-shop maybe there is hope for good original downloadable games on a Nintendo handheld afterall. This really us terrific news.

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Men don't have feelings, they have muscles.

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When I saw this article I thought it was going to be about GB coming to the UK and a survey gauging interest in that. I was disappointed but I went ahead and filled in the survey even though I don't see the ads anyway.

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I dont watch trailers because they never match "the breasts" as you so delicately put it

I hate it when the breasts don't match the carpet.

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I was going to say "Oh boy so glad Canada wasn't left out!" but looking at that selection, we might as well have been.

You have UFC. Basically the only thing on the list that is interesting to me.
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I'm not playing it anymore since I have all the achievements and I don't really have the desire to play online. I am pretty much exclusively playing locally now, I played about 20 matches with my friend two days ago but before that it had been a while.

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Happy Beastday!

I haven't had any really bad birthdays but I will say my first one was my worst because I can't remember anything about it, though some people do say that the nights you don't remember are the best ones... I was probably totally wasted on concentrated apple juice.

My best b-dizzle was probably the year all my friends came round my house (it was really nice for both of them to make the effort) and then we ate cake and jelly, played in the bouncy castle, got balloon animals from the clown and watched in awe as a magician amazed us with his card tricks.

I was 27.

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Hes straight trollin' and it's working for him quite nicely so can't really hate on that.