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My friend described Serbian movie to the point I felt sick just based on his description. So I'd have to go with that, seems like they are being sick just because of it. I don't see why people do that shit.

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I like Giants and (metaphorical) Bombs. I thought this would be the place for me. And I love it!

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@mrcraggle: Hopefully! Would be fun to meet some peeps.

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I will not be able to make it sadly. I am working this saturday :( I shall go to the next one. Work pending.

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@papercut said:

Stardust is my jam.

Aww, yeah.

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Kotaku "reported" that you can continue your boost for a longer period when hopping. See this guy do it like a boss below.

"Apparently, you lose speed faster when in contact with the ground, so jumping repeatedly at the end of a boost will keep you going slightly faster for a slightly longer time."


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@apparatus_unearth said:

So can we cast out to deep sea and think maybe CM Punk will show up and talk?

If that happens I will turn straight edge.

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@ajamafalous said:

Is there no predictions stuff for Payback? Krazy/Wizards/whatever?

I bet there is a CM Punk chant, at least once. Maybe twice at a push.

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Mine is Waluigi, partially because I hate life and partially because no one else picks him. Also that annoying voice brings a smile to my face.