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As a PS3 and Mac owner, I have long been awaiting the release of Fez on a platform I owned. Now that the game is available on Steam for Mac and I have begun Gonzo's epic quest of yellow cube gathering and world rotating, I had a quick question for those who have already played this game: should I be taking note of all the odd diagrams throughout the game-scape? I have tried to avoid reading/listening to discussions about the puzzle solving aspects of this game as much as possible, but with the bombardment of symbology throughout the levels, I wanted to simply ask if I will be rewarded for taking meticulous notes on what I'm observing, or if I will just be wasting my time trying to reproduce it all for naught. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all!

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My stomach dropped and I was CONVINCED this had to be a joke when I saw it on the homepage. I can't believe this has happened to such a wonderful, bubbly, fun-loving person. Thanks Ryan, for everything you did and for spending so many days putting so many smiles on so many faces. You will always be a rockstar.

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Was just coming here to say the same thing! I've been studying ridiculously hard for an exam that I just got out of, and sat down to relax and play some vidya games for the first time in a week and... there is sleeping dogs for free! I kept almost buying this game based on all the awesome quick looks I saw on this site, but kept not quite being able to justify paying the still hefty price tag. What a wonderful post-test surprise!

Yay Playstation Plus!

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As someone who probably had some of my first video gaming thrills playing Diablo II, I was super excited when Diablo III was announced. I was, however, cautious about investing 65 dollars in the game after hearing mixed reviews of performance on computers with similar/better stats than mine, a 2011 13" MacBookPro with an Intel HD 3000 integrated video card, 4GB Ram, and a 2.4GHz Intel i5 Processor. After waffling on whether or not to buy the game since its release, I finally decided I had to at least give it a shot and bought the game over the past weekend. I haven't had a ton of time to play it, but several hours into the game I have had very few performance issues and have greatly enjoyed the game, granted without all the bells and whistles a more high-end system would provide. That said, it still looks nice and without having played it on a faster, more powerful machine, I am 100% happy with the quality of the gameplay on my computer.

Anyways, just thought I would throw this up on the site; I spent a fair amount of time searching for similar topics and found some that were helpful, but most that were not. So thought I'd throw this up here for anyone who is in the position I was in last week. Get the game. Turn shadows off, all settings on low, and set max foreground FPS to 70, background FPS to 5 (or something in that neighborhood). It runs. It still looks pretty. It's a ton of fun. Dooooooo it!

Cheers! (PS - sorry if there are already similar topics to this... I didn't see any in my brief scan of the forum)

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Dunno, there were no forum posts. I felt bad for 10,000,000. So... its a game?

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Would love a guest pass as well - Was planning to buy the game but am concerned based on my Intel HD 3000 video card and want to be able to see how functional the game actually is on my computer before I spend the large pile of cash it would take to purchase. Thank you if anyone can assist, if not, c'est la vie!

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Hey anyone and everyone:

After not being unable to play bastion for a very long time due to owning a PS3 rather than an Xbox and a mac rather than a PC, I was super pumped when the game was released in the google chrome browser. Things were going splendidly when I started to notice the game screen would go totally black except for a HUD after I interacted with the Stranger, Zia or Zulf with regards to specific items. This was annoying, but I was able to just avoid interacting with these characters. Then, during the mount sand level, after picking up the shard, the same thing happened. Since clearly some action immediately begins at this point, I keep dying and cannot proceed in the level. Has anyone else playing Bastion on google chrome experienced this problem? If so, is there a known solution? Thanks y'all, have a good weekend!

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The bombast being cited in a New Yorker article about a year (?) ago by a writer who decided to start playing his son's video games to see what all the buzz was about. No joke. Ridiculous way to get led here, but so glad I was!

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THANKS everyone; that was a great help. After playing a bit more (and with the help of a spear) I've been able to beat the Phalanx and now feel like I have a much better feel for what's going on/how to approach this game.

Much more enjoyable once you stop worrying about figuring out what to do and just start doing it. Cheers!

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