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@FierceDeity: nothing new, has always done it.

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Funny seeing Ben Kuchera acting like he's got any credibility.

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@MKSKILLZ16: I've never been able to like the fantasy genre myself, I'm not entirely sure why. I tried reading GOF, and it just confirmed that it's just not the genre for me. I do like fantasy games though, and feel games are much better medium for the genre.

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I really enjoyed it personally, but I'm a huge fan of Edmund's games.

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I heard about them on the CAGcast.

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As you can tell by my avatar, I really enjoyed Heavy Rain. If only the voice acting had been better I think it would be considered one of the best games of this generation. I really hope Beyond: Two Souls is as amazing as I want it to be.

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I think people fuel their dissapointment into hatred. It sounds so cool, but in reality the games aren't there yet and the price is way to high. If it had been the same device released at $199 and had accessible development tools that could be used to make smaller (and cheaper) games like the iOS store along with the huge blockbuster titles along with the beautiful aesthetics of the device, both developers and consumers would buy into it. (IN MY OPINION)

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The Kardashians.

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