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This is nice, but too little too late.

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My pops broke his left collarbone in a very nasty accident where he broke his neck and they didnt notice his collarbone was broken when they put the halo on him... so afterwards when it healed it had a huge stump towards the center where it meets up with the other collarbone.

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My Brother would be perfect for hiring but he resides in Felton (just east of Santa Cruz) and thats probably to much of a commute for him every day.

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Instead just buy the bestest RPG offered for the PS 1: Grandia and play the SHEET out of it.

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@Masin said:

To start things off I would pay off all of my debt. And after the Air Force nullifies my contract (if you gain a certain amount of money, your contract with the military is terminated), pay off all of my wife and I's family debt. Buy a nice house and a few cars, blowing a couple of million you might say. Say half is taken for taxes, that leaves me with 200 million to play with (rounded down). so... after spending say, 25 million, I would put the other 175 million and collect interest, living off that for the rest of my life.

I would order 2 billion tacos on taco tuesday.

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@Catarrhal said:
" Kasson loses massive points for mispronouncing "Rakim." Have some respect for the God MC. "
For real, RA-Kim not rakeeem
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That is fantastic I guess.

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I saw these at a Rite-Aid last week, there 24 dollars.

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when i woke up today i awoke from a dream where i was with niko belic and we where being chased by a group of dudes (if i remember right it appeared to be 6) on foot, and we had jumped a fence and got to a dead end of an ally way.
 the dudes jumped over and started charging at us, we just looked at each other and then turned to the dudes and got ready to fight, and then I woke up.

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