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According to the latest news from the PSO2 team, if you’re outside of Japan and you’ve been connecting to the Japanese servers, you’ll no longer be able to play.

User Agreement Amendment – Notice

Thank you for your continued use of Phantasy Star Online 2. As of 11 am on August 8th, 2012, the Phantasy Star Online 2 user agreement will be amending to the following:

Section 2, Part 8 is hereby established:

Section 2 – Using the Game Server

  • 8. Connection to the game server will be limited to software installed on computers located within Japan. Direct connections from outside Japan or connections from outside the country routed through computers located in Japan will be forbidden.

The Phantasy Star Online 2 team will continue diligently working to provide our players with even better service, so we ask that you continue honouring us with your use of our game.

~The Phantasy Star Online 2 Administration Team

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Double post, sorry. Delete's not working.

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I just played for the first time today (PC) and found MP hilariously broken. As a level 4-5 player, I was matched up against people level 40+.

I could get the drop on someone, running up behind them nearly point blank, and begin emptying my AK into them, but they would be able to turn around and kill me with 1-2 shots of their pistol (!!) before I could kill them.

Being out of cover for more than a second or two was a death sentence in any large game.

It would probably be better if matchmaking actually worked, because using a starter weapon against someone with body armor and a purchased weapon with upgrades simply isn't fun.

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Tried them all, at least to level 10.

There wasn't a single class that I didn't like, although I liked some much more than others.

Ranked from most favorite to least favorite

1. Monk - This character can have a lot of different playstyles, even early on. I loved going fast weapons and teleporting around.

2. Demon Hunter - Bolo shot is fun, seeking arrow is ez-mode

3. Barbarian - Big, Meaty hits.

4. Sorcerer - I can see Sorcerer becoming _much_ more powerful later in the game.

5. Witch Doctor - Fun, but I'm not keen on all the minions and DoT.

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@SlasherMan said:

If The Witcher 2 could be made with only $15 million and that includes the engine development, I'm not sure why a Psychonauts sequel would need to cost more.

The Witcher 2 was developed in Poland; A significant cost of developing any game is your staff, and staff costs a lot less in Poland.

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Origin now has 9.3 million users.

That number by itself isn't very interesting; I imagine that's almost entirely BF3 and TOR owners. I'd love to see the average number of titles per account.

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The whole super pac stunt has been brilliant, especially the past 2 weeks. I was a little surprised that he raised over a million dollars, I wonder what he's going to do with the rest.