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@ares42: I think that's a good point. Unlike other loot based games there seems to be a lack of variety, ultimately when I decode I'm only caring what type of item it turns into. Not rushing to go check out how it looks or what it's stats are.

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@zeroregistry: Yup. I've been saying they'd have had a much bigger problem if they'd been competing with a bunch of other anticipated games. As you say though the question will be whether they've let people burn out on the current system.

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I can't agree with the assumption that Destiny is (effectively) a teaser for the expansion packs. I wouldn't be suprised if those contained little to nothing of the main storyline, whatever they think that is. The Stranger I guess.

I think they planned Destiny as 3 games that had a story arc contained within, first part being mysterious with lots of loose ends. In my opinion what we actually got in terms of story was just a handful of loose ends that gave no hint of having come from or leading to anywhere.

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If I have time, I'm up for Nightfall. Not done one as yet.

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I'm up for Queeny missions with fellow bombers.

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@tennmuerti: I agree. If this was just a new MMO then it would be glaring how little content there is. Re-using areas and assets is one thing but this game over-does it to an extreme.

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Until the 6th.

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@mooseymcman: Rarely has a game managed to make me feel like I'd done so little whilst playing.

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I'm 26 and as keen as I am on trying a raid (and I am) I'd really rather be higher and have an exotic weapon.