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@johnnyhalo666: Not everything increases your mental level (or whatever that reddening is called). I seem to be able to rob stores fine, killing players definitely effects it and I think npc's do too.

With the Wanted level there is a cool down, if you go on a rampage then yes you'll keep popping back up to the previous stars but give it some time, go do a mission or something, and it will reset. I thought it had always been like that?

The cops also seem to be able to use routes they didn't seem to before.

There is a PS crew, GBPS (GiantBombPS3), if there is an active PS4 crew I'd be interested myself.

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@fisk0: You'd have to take a very close look at kick starters terms. I would wager that in fact no, it still does not constitute a promise.

I've used kickstarter and what I say to anyone else is, don't. If you insist on doing so then you really do have to just say bye bye to whatever money you put in. There's literally no other way to approach it.

Speaking for myself I'm all for offline games and I still insist on buying most of my software on disk because I like to have something physical for my money. So I can fully understand some people being miffed at the final decision to drop offline.

As I said though it's two different issues here, kickstarter and fdev. I'm not at all anti-consumer but if you're aiming all your ire at fdev then you're going after the wrong target.

I've actually been thinking that what the industry needs is for developers to get together at something like GDC and talk about do's and don't with crowd funding. frontier have definitely made a poor job on occasion but also there have been times when the customer base have been almost willfuly ignorant of the development process and I can't help but feel that there must be a better way of conducting these things.

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@tomba_be: if you want to complain about the kickstarter system, then complain. Imagining that a feature was promised, when it wasn't, and then complaining about the t's and c's that people opted into when that's a kickstarter issue not an fdev issue is just muddling your own points.

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There seem to be a whole load of little changes/additions that I haven seen mentioned anywhere.

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@bollard: To be honest the whole tone of the article makes me scratch my head. I wonder if klepek was playing catch up on what was basically four day old news and so just rehashed other sites, losing the thread in the process. Pretty poor effort.

Speaking for myself, I'm unlikely to ever back a game again because Elite was an exception that I just can't imagine happening again. Ultimately if the game is as good as I hope then that's great. If it isn't though, well those are the breaks. Since as we all know, if you decide to fund a project you're kissing the money goodbye.

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Unfortunately game design starts out with planned features of which not all make it. Kick starters doubly so. There was no "promise" of any particular feature. I can certainly understand some backers being upset at the loss of a feature, but the nature of software development appears to mean that you just assume any particular one will make it all the way.

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It's going to be very interesting to see what makes the preview build, and with lots of additions planned there's a lot to look forward to over the coming months (years?).

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It's official, Bungie aren't changing much at all.

At least in an interview on Eurogamer they don't seem to be much bothered by it all.

"When I read a lot of the feedback, and I see it's after playing for 100 hours, it's hard not to couch that in, well if you played the game for 100 hours...".

He's got a point of course, if the numbers they have put out are correct (and I see no reason why they wouldn't be), that's surely a success. For me though I feel like they have missed the point. People are playing despite the issues and after 100 hours you certainly are likely to be familiar with what they are.

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@brake: Nor me? How naive are we to think it was about streaming games?

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I'm not sure the game is 'fixable' without digging it all up, including the roots. Would they do that for a Destiny 2? Ditch everything and start again? I can't say I see that happening.

No game is perfect of course and maybe the sequel will be good enough to tempt me into buying it. I think though we're really waiting for another developer to learn the lessons and give us something else.