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I figured I'll just learn the game with the stick instead of playing with controller/keyboard for a few days.

Makes sense. Good luck.

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I say 'other' because there are so many variables. There's an advantage to waiting, at the very least you get to have your first experience be more complete.

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The requests on the Destiny site time out by the way.

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Have requested to join EU/PS4 again. Please? :)

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@fattony12000: I got quite lost exploring the tunnels under the moon.

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No it's none of those. Back at launch the game was making online characters vanish if you tried to get online while the servers were bugging out. Much like then I was trying to get on and the game was dropping me to single player, trying again brought up a notification telling me that if I wanted to edit my appearance, this was the time.

I'm pretty sure if I'd said yes that my progress would have been wiped as that was one of the ways to have it happen at launch.

Fortunately I managed to get on early this morning although as I've said to them, an event where I can't get on most of the time and have the threat of wiped progress (and that when finally on fails to drop the supposedly special crates) is a failure.

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I'm getting a similar response from the game as back at launch when it was deleting progress, say it ain't so?

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I really want Ghetto Bird but it seems rather highly priced!

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Request sent.

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I can't work out why anyone would object to not paying for alpha or beta access when they still have the option of just buying the game at release for some kind of normal price.