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I already know, I can't recommend this game.

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And if you grind all the way to the end and make level 30, you all end up in the same gear.

Boy this game.

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I simply can't imagine any real story being added in the dlc.

Insert joke about them not bothering to add any to the main game.

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When so very many of us are still playing this oddly poor effort Bungie aren't going to think anything else but that despite the noise, everything is peachy.

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@zevvion: Really? 'cos I hold the circle over the little 'friends playing here' symbol and it does nothing. Doesn't even tell me which ones it's talking about. Clicking it just selects the thing that the symbol was next to. I'm perfectly happy to admit I might be missing something, am I?

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@zevvion: It's insane that the game tells me 'you have friends playing this' but no easy way of joining up.

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Being able to set flag for what things you're looking to do. Looking For Strike. Looking For Raid etc.

Being able to mantle a ledge if you get to the right height.

More diverse gear.

Not trying to force players into pvp.

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Everything is broken in Destiny

Just that. If the DLC isn't awesome then they aren't likely to tempt me back for Destiny 2.

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@ares42: I think that's a good point. Unlike other loot based games there seems to be a lack of variety, ultimately when I decode I'm only caring what type of item it turns into. Not rushing to go check out how it looks or what it's stats are.