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I've been trying to grab more Extra Life 2014 videos, but this problem is preventing me from doing so when I try to bring up the EL section of videos.

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To *North American* PSN.

"I’m pleased to announce that Vib Ribbon will finally make a long overdue release in the US, Canada, Latin America and Japan this week, with Europe following next week."

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I really enjoyed this episode because it felt like the most focused the story has been since it started. Even when you figured out Crane's sick fetish, the reaction to him being the killer was more that you finally had a strong lead to figure out what is going on, but it was merely a bump in the road compared to the reveal of the Crooked Man at the end of episode three. Bigby got his ass kicked, but now he could stop farting around with the minor things and go after the big prize.

The episode sort of reminded me of the last half of The Rock's Walking Tall (I know it was a remake) where he nearly got killed by the big bad mob that actually runs the town, which gave him the motivation and clarity to know who to go after and where to hit to get all of the info he needed to be able to finally restore proper order to the town with this final confrontation.

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Whatever happened to him in the end, the pictures and videos of him at his wedding showed that he was overjoyed with the life he was starting with his new wife, so it's good that he didn't go out in a bad situation. My condolences are with his family and many friends. I hope the rest of the crew can rally together and make it through these tough times.

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It'll be interesting to see if this game can be as emotionally powerful as Papo & Yo was when the story/inspiration doesn't belong to just one person on staff. I'm guessing that this is their Ouya-exclusive game.

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Seems like a good week for Rorie's return with Patrick and Drew out for the next week, so I expect to see Puppy Bombs dropped on Unprofessional Friday.

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It's sad to see you go, though hopefully you'll be freed up to help with more cool content on Giant Bomb than you've been able to do since the purchase. I am excited that Matt Rorie's back, though I hope he's not bringing the GameSpy curse with him to Giant Bomb.

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The saddest news is that Nordic also has the rights to Stacking and Costume Quest, as Double Fine wasn't able to buy the rights back for whatever reason.

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Down with Ryan! Up with Dwarf of July!