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He's not just a detective, he's one of the greatest ever.    

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I am having the same issues as well.  I've definitely done an update on Twitter every day this month, but seem to be stuck at 16/30.  

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If it doesn't, would it be feasible for you to upgrade the components to make it run it?

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Nothing like a good run, in warm weather.

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Despite never reading the books, I think I have the 1st TPB somewhere around my house, I'm SO looking forward to this.  And it's on AMC, so it won't be too bad.  Zombies FTW!

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@Goldanas said:
" @craven_fiend:   Word, bro, it's not like we all haven't done it. This quest stuff is infectious. "
Curse Quests and Achievements.  Thank God that Dragon Quest IX doesn't have the latter.  I'd never be done with it.
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@Goldanas said:
" Not to be slanderous, but you're not "jump-starting" this very much alive, pervasive, and persistent topic.  Try looking around the forums for the huge threads. "
Sorry, I should have figured there were plenty of these.  Just got a little trigger happy.  This can be closed.
Once again, sorry for the inconvenience this has caused anyone.  Good day
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Since I've got the Quest bug right now, I decided to try to help jump start this weeks group quest.  So feel free to stalk me and I'll return the favor.  It may take some time, but if you stalk me, I'll stalk you back.  Then we can all stalk each other.

*not in the literal sense, just on this site.  I will not be responsisble for the outcome of real life stalking, that's just too much work.

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As of now, since I've only played one, for me it is Monday Night Combat.  I'm sure, once I give it a try, I'll enjoy Limbo.  I'm just not too sure I am willing to sink $15 in space bucks into a game that will last me one good sitting or a few days.  But if it's as aww inspiring, as I've heard, I'm sure it will eventually draw me in and force me to buy.  I just hope that it's at the $10 or less price point, like Shadow Complex and Castle Crashers.

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