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Origin ID: AlwaysBeCraven

Times Available: Crunching on the game we're working on... so most days of the week after 10-11PM Pacific time.

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@das9000 said:

I don't think this DLC or the Elite Soldier Pack being a downloadable piece of extra content is justified. The elite soldier pack would have been in the works even before the game was finished since it was a pre-order bonus. Why weren't armor aesthetic upgrades, color swapping etc. not included in the vanilla game? There's no reason other than to squeeze out an extra buck out of the consumer. How long until other basic functionality gets taken out of games and then be put out as DLC? You wanna save? That will be $4.99. How long until we start paying full price for demos and then pay a bit more to get the full game? I know this is a bit of an exaggeration but this kind of business strategy is pretty cheap and "sleazebaggy" in my opinion.

I'll let you in on a not-so-well-kept industry secret: If DLC comes out within 4 months of a game's release, it was certainly worked on well before the game was released. For example, the "mechromancer" character class in Borderlands 2 was almost complete when it was being shown at PAX East. It's just a matter of logistics.

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@adam1808: It's being developed at Bohemia, with the assistance of their core engine team to create features designed specifically for DayZ. I'm super pumped about this!

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@Video_Game_King: That's totally my birthday too! We can be birthday buddies?!

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crash7800, the North American community manager, stated in a reddit thread that getting banned for this is "highly unlikely". He's just a community manager working on a contract, but he does seem to be on top of his game.

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I think you can upgrade crystal weapons/equipment... problem is you can't repair them, so any souls spent upgrading that stuff will be wasted once it breaks.

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That's what I'm trying to figure out now...

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Found it:

Hopefully that answers part of your question.

Death is a learning experience,


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Someone here (I think) posted a flowchart of all the different weapon ascension paths, I'm trying to find it now. Did anyone happen to save that? We're all in this together! :)

Still have no idea wtf I'm doing,


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Hey guys, I've found myself caught in a bit of a sticky wicket. So I accidentally attacked the pyro trainer you find in the Depths, and heard you can bring people back by paying the Absolution fee to the NPC underneath the gargoyle's tower. Unfortunately, I paid the HUGE fee for absolution, but the pyro trainer is still missing. This is sort of a big issue as my character is a melee/pyro hybrid, and I'll need access to a pyro trainer at some point.

Can I access the other pyro trainers? I tried looking for the 2nd one outside Quelaag's but didn't see her. Also, is there something I'm missing with this absolution stuff? It'd be a shame if I just farmed and spent 58,000 souls for nothing.

Thanks in advance!

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