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I've never liked the idea double points for the last race.

I get that the intention was to try to keep the championship interesting by trying to ensure that it wasn't decided early, but it feels completely artificial. And if one of the mercs had had just one or two more DNFs or reliability problems this season, then it wouldn't have worked anyway.

It just seems like a reactionary decision, almost like the first proposed idea was adopted without much thought. Something like reducing the gap in points scored between, say, the top 6 positions would have been a lot more natural, and seemed much less arbitrary than double points for one race.

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A 'virtual safety car' system is going to be trialled during free practice at the US GP.

During a virtual safety car period, drivers are required to keep to a speed 35‰ slower than a normal lap time. There'll be something on the wheel/dash to indicate when it's in effect, and penalties for exceeding the limit.

I think it's a good idea to take the decision to slow down when there's a yellow flag away from the drivers. They're racing after all, they're only going to slow down as much as they think they can get away with. I imagine if it gets adopted, there'll just be a button to press like the pit lane speed limiter.

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Nico coming from the back of the field to finish second was a good drive.

It was a highly unusual situation with the tires though, being able to drive an entire race distance on a single set with hardly any degradation isn't supposed to happen, on any other circuit this season it wouldn't have been possible.

I would have loved to see him have to try and fight his way to the front rather than get there because most of the cars in front pitted.

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Just visit any sports forum (doesn't matter what sport), a lot of sports fans are not much different than console fanboys. We see a small amount of it here with people slating varoius drivers.

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It isn't a lot of fun watching Rosberg have the championship handed to him on a platter because the only man who can compete has had such bad luck in comparison. I'm glad the racing through the rest of the field has been so good this season.

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The in-car footage of Alonso chasing Magnussen was awesome.

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@brendan: he had to do over half a lap with basically 3 wheels to get to the pits, it put him way behind the cars in front and damaged his car

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Are you Dutch, @Dussck: ? I guess there haven't been many drivers from the Netherlands to support in F1 in recent times.

When I was a kid, I loved watching F1 with my dad and supporting Martin Brundle who is from my home town. It added a lot to have a local guy to look out fo during the race.

Max is about 3 years younger than the previous youngest driver, I also worry it might be a little too young.

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Toro Rosso have signed 16 year old driver Max Verstappen for next season.

His father Jos was an F1 driver for about 10 years, and is probably most famous for the fire that engulfed his car and pit crew during a fuel stop in the 1994 German GP.

Also; at 16, I think he's not old enough to drive on the roads in most of Europe.

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