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My parents got me 'Origin of Species' once. They normally don't get me Christmas presents so I guess it's a win.

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Xbox 360

GT: Crazedmaverick9

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Those were the dropped prices? Dang. I checked this morning and though those were the "original" prices that hadn't updated yet. I just got a 32GB SD card for my 3DS for $22. Granted it's not a proprietary memory card, but if Sony wants to play that way, I just won't get a Vita.

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"Hey everyone! It's Tuesday July the 9th, 2013 and you're listening to the Giant Bombcast. I'm Ryan Davis" D:

I kind of hope they have a podcast where they talk about all the great stories they have of Ryan. But seeing as how I'm bawling like an idiot about someone I've never met I can't even begin to imagine how horrible the rest of them feel. So wouldn't blame them if they skipped a week. or more.

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I like 4, but it looks too sketchy.

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"EA buys THQ for $1". That's going to be next weeks news, right?

Speaking of EA. My mom said Warfighter got a bunch of seal team people in trouble. Any truth to that?,2817,2411931,00.asp

Yep. looks like a handful of them got in trouble for consulting/showing stuff off.

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I really hope they use this movie as an opportunity to transition the protagonist from bruce willis to whoever the hell is playing the son. Then they start another four movie series. Rinse and repeat.

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In terms of actual longevity, my first pair of apple earbuds that came with my ipod mini lasted 5 years. I kind of got attached to those things.

Now now I'm rocking a pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD700. I can wear them comfortably for hours and sounds great.

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@JackOhara: Look, I came into this thread with the wrong attitude, and I apologize. It was mostly just frustration.

I don't have time to watch the video, can you please explain to me why this problem of maniacs going on massacres is a more abundant issue in the United States than it is in other developed countries and the homicide rate is also higher? See Wikipedia's list of massacres in various nations. The UK has had one massacre in the last 15 years, the US has had 4 so far this year. The only connection I can see is the amount of guns. I'm just trying to learn more, I genuinely can't see why else there is the disparity in America compared to anywhere else.

I'm not opposed to guns for recreational purposes, my Dad has an active antique rifle. The only reason people seem to want guns for protection is because other people have guns, and it's too far gone to break the chain. I don't know what the solution to America is, but I'd like to learn what the problem is.

Talking sort of out of my ass. But I feel the problem is with how American society views mental issues. Regardless of what weapon he was wielding, I'm sure he would have killed many people, and any number of deaths would be incredibly unfortunate. I can't speak for how other countries treat or deal with mental issues, but in the US mental problems are still socially and medically stimagized. People who need to see therapists or have mental issues are viewed as weaker or "lesser" if that makes any sense. Medically it is also very hard to get funding to help treat these people too. One of my professors is also the president of a drug treatment organization, and she said that until very very recently it was difficult to get any kind of federal or state funding to treat mental illness. It might be hyperbolic to say, but if the dude had a way to deal with his problems (whether it be a therapist, medication, or whatever he needed) then it wouldn't matter if he had guns or not cause he might not have felt to urge to fucking kill people.

Also my heart goes out to the people in Colorado. Shit sucks.