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True true true. 98% of environmental scientist believe so. there is no real controversy in scientific community. those who are in opposition to it tend to a a invested interest. i wouldn't believe in it to if my job was on the line.

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almost all final fantasy's since 7 because the great focus on presentation. FFX remake would make be cream

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Soul calibur isn't much fun by yourself or with players not near your level. 
MGS2 controls are bit stiff now day's. 
Plants vs Zombies the zen gardens a bit crap.  
fallout 3 games hard to play without pretty much full luck. 
Panzer Dragoon Saga, the cost, I not gonna say anything more because i spent to much on it to then go hate it. 

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samurai  showdown or sou ledge/calibur  

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I like GT there good, but i limit the time i spend on the site because they'er owned by viacom and they have a very dubious stance on free speech  as such i don't want to fund them. plus a lot of haters on that sight and fanboys rule the site now, but they don't care its all about traffic at the end of the day.

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smg easily the AKs-74u w/red dot and D-tap

AR m16


sniper dragunov

shotty W1200