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Thank you for the suggestion! I've always been intrigued by... non American candy and treats and I've finally hit my limit on wanting. Now I need them! So if there's anyone who can hook me up with some crazy stuff, let me know. I need it!

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I keep finding myself yearning for hockey pulver, djunelvralkasdf, and other potentially erroneously salted candies from countries that aren't the USA. And now the time has come to ask for assistance from the amazing International Coalition of Duders(ICD) . If you live in a country where this nonsense is available, I will gladly pay for the items themselves, shipping and a bit more to make it worth your while. Or I can enact an international trading extravaganza if there's anything in my native country that I take for granted and that others would like. Let me know if you can help a duder out!

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Why is it so hard for people not to lose their shit before a game comes out? Seriously, wait. It's not that hard and then if it's something worth being upset over, be upset. But in reality are video games ever worth being upset over?

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What a bunch of fucking assholes trying to ruin a perfectly amazing ending.

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Bought it at release mind you. But I had quite a few hours of good fun. If I can tell that it's a well made game, I tend to regret it a whole lot less and damn if Titanfall isn't well made.

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North America PS4 Codes:



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I'm not in love with the jaded attitude that seems to surround the GB community...

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Yes. I wrote a whole post but my computer decided to eat it and I'm in a poor mood to re-write it. You are not alone.

EDIT: this will probably be my last post in GB in a while. I'm going to try a break from the internet. It seems like it's full of unnecessary drama that only makes my stress and anxiety worse...

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This nonsense is seriously making me consider taking a break from the internet. You're allowed to not be happy with new hires, but there's a way to handle it that most people seemed to strictly avoid. There's a way to also voice the opinion opposite of those people, and somehow people miraculously seemed to avoid any sort of reasonable discourse. I'm sick of the internet, and it's been taking an extraordinarily heavy toll on my emotions lately. I think I need a break.

EDIT: I also love Giant Bomb.

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Wait? Is all this controversy about hiring two white males? As a white male, I feel like we need more recognition.