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Chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature, dude.

Chinaman is what the character was called, dude.


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What kind of question is this?

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Wow that's a big screenshot.

iPhone 6... =\

You poor thing...

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@corevi So monster hunter 1 is not at all possible to beat solo?

I suppose you could, but I can't imagine why the hell anyone would want to.

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Sucks to hear buddy :( Stay as positive as possible and teach each day one at a time.

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Have you thought of talking to your boss about this? You know... someone relevant to the situation?

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My thought is that it's typical Ubisoft being paranoid about piracy. If they let game reviewers get at it ahead of time they might leak it! Oh NOOOOOO!

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Thanks for this, I love giveaways :)

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People need to stop losing their shit of dumb stuff like a video game cover.

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The power of the cloud!

Why someone would take a day off of work on day 1 of a heavily multiplayer focused game, I have no idea. Learn from the past or repeat it. Take Friday off or something and make a 3 day weekend out of it, should be fixed by then.

I missed the part where he stated he took the game off for Halo specifically... I wasn't aware that people could just chose what days they get off of work. Must be nice in your world.

Actually, a lot of people can choose what days they get off work. It's called a paid vacation day. It is nice in this world!

I tend to use those days for you know, vacations.

Cool? People are allowed to use "vacation days" for things not absolutely defined as a vacation.