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Great video from Robert Llewellyn.

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Well Eddie Jordon on the BBC has been wandering around like a lost OAP in tesco.

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Really interesting take on the "grid walk" by Brundle today. Great of Williams to allow him to do that as well!

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select a fantasy football squad of 15 players, consisting of:

2 Goalkeepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, and 3 Forwards.

Then select 1 Goal Keeper + 10 outfield players to make up the starting 11.

Most of your money should be spent on the Starting 11 and buy 3 cheap subs.

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@sterling: Yes. The formation is dictated by the players you select for the first 11.

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@flstyle: You are able to change the league name in Administer this league option (The gear cog). If you so wish, that is.

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@mijati said:

That Bottas pit stop was fantastic.

2.1 seconds is unreal. Amazing work.

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With a videogame related tangent. Gareth Jones, the presenter of the Sniff Petrol podcast, is married to Violet Berlin. Violet is a character in Micromachines 2.

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Good old Benedict Cumberbatch.

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@mijati said:

Hopefully something actually happens in the remaining 20 laps. Getting a bit boring


Well there is another collision with the barrier for you. Hope that helps with your viewing experience.

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