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An arcade classic is reborn via Playstation Network 0

Back in the nineties the only place to play top notch racing was at neon illuminated arcades – Console racing games didn’t really start emulating the quality of arcade racers until Gran Turismo was released in 1998.  Ok some history; Arcades were buildings solely lit by the light that emanated from the gaming cabinet, where shifty characters would hang around the penny pusher machines waiting to pounce at the money that dropped under its own fruition and a place where people with question...

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Great Cartoon, Terrible Game 0

Unquestionably the funniest, most subversive television show in history, The Simpsons, to date has produced far less memorable series of games. So far there have been 17 Simpsons games, and none of them have been anything to write home about. Despite this, Simpsons Wrestling is one of 2001 most highly anticipated PSOne releases, reinforcing the phenomenon that some people value the brand over quality of the product. But even with that anticipation of a new Simpsons game, simply put Simpsons wre...

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Highly addictive and technically stunning 0

American football is a game of four quarters (stage that). Its rough, its' tough and only the fittest survive! Can you make it big on the gridiron? John Madden football is your chance to find out. On the title screen there are a variety of options that let you choose a side from a list of the sixteen most famous NFL and AFL teams or a John Madden all star team, choose the whether the game is sudden death, a play off or a regular season, select one or two players and set the quarter time. Once...

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Be Persuaded 0

Bullfrog have released only fourteen games in their seventeen year career (this is from memory I think it is right), but unlike other more prolific games developers, most of Bullfrog's games have stood the test of time. The first, Populous, was a strategy game which put you in the mighty shoes of a God, playing with the lives of peasants and armies, creating religions and raising mountains out of the sea with only a click of the mouse. Something about its blatant grandiosity was utterly addictiv...

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