New phone among other things!

  This is probably going to be one of those blogs that people never read, but... I got a new phone! 
Before I had a old dinosaur phone.  I didn't even know what it was called.  It was a black flip phone with an antenna and without any camera.  It actually wasn't that big of a deal, but now I have a LG remarq, so I am having a lot of fun with this.  Sprint is slow putting it on the network though :'( 
Went to the mall today and had pizza and bread sticks. Yum :) 
Went to Suncoast and starting talking about anime to a guy who was in college.  Scared my sister though since she is not into anime and the dude I think scared her a bit.  He was actually really friendly and fun to talk to though.  My sister bought an Jacob cardboard cut out for her friend today.  I thought it was hilarious.  Though it felt scared me quite a bit.  Thinking someone was behind me, but it was only the cut out. 
Played a little bit of Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana.  Got caught up reading Hana-Kimi over again.  I love that story.  Should reread Dragon Ball sometime... It is one of my all time favorites and my first manga and anime.  Speaking of which the anime is shown on teen nick.  Kinda funny that it shares the same channel as some stupid drama shows like degrassi.  
Overall it was a good day.  Too bad my back still hurts.  My grandma has really crappy beds.  Though it is my cousins and my fault that it is so bad, but it was a lot of fun to bounce on the bed when you were a kid. :)    


I dislike traveling by car.

Just got back home after 9 hours or pure car riding experience!  Not fun. 

  • Went to Washington D.C. and saw a bunch of the museums.
  • I got to see the original U.S. flag.  Wish they knew what happened to the missing star.
  • Next to PA to be at my cousins graduation ceremony for both high school graduation and college.
  • My Uncle and Dad guarded the beer from the high schoolers.  They also had a moon bounce, which we almost knocked over.  One cousin even slept in there for an hour.
  • Went to B & N to read manga.  Wanna find some new manga to read.
  • Got a new game today!   Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana on PS2 .  Love Atelier Annie, so wanted to try another game in the series.
Been busy that past few days, but now I am back in the annoying heat of the south.

Sleepy on a Sunday

Okay, I do not have any idea why, but I have been completely exhausted all day.  I didn't do anything yesterday, and I literally mean nothing.  So I don't have any reasons and yet I am falling asleep as I type this up. 
I met up with my boyfriend today and we went and bough Mario Galaxy 2.  That was a fun game  ^ ^  Though it looks like they used a lot of the original designs from the old one.  They just used the base as in the way the land is shaped and really big landmarks.  I can never remember names of places so it is really hard to give a good specific example. 
Haven't study at all for other exams... but who cares.  Summer is almost here and it is the easy exams... well maybe not English, but I don't have that until Thursday. 
Thank you ADD and curriculum assistance! :D 
My eyes are kinda sore, but that is probably because I played video games yesterday for 6 hours yesterday and who knows how long today.  To some that is short, to others that is long.  All I know is I don't usually play that much in like one sitting.  Usually take a break or something. 
Whatever though. 
Happy Memorial Day everyone! ^ ^ 
 Because I know I will not be coming on tomorrow.


...Such stupid people exist on Earth...

It has been a good day!  The French exam wasn't actually that bad.  Except for the listening compression and speaking part...  Oh well ^^ 
Oh and let me clear this up.  I am  NOT an attention whore! The only reason I said I was a girl in the first place was because I am proud to be a tomboy who likes to play games.  What is wrong about being proud of that?  Also I would prefer to just having a small group of friends on here.  Some of you are asses!  Get over yourself! Stop blowing things out of portion.  The only reason I started this thread was because I was curious as why the whole girl = fake guy started.  Not trying to make a big deal out of it.  I meant for a few answers, not 5 pages of people fighting about sexes. I mean I didn't even know people were actually tried and do stuff like that. 
Also to all nerds out there.  Girls do exist online and every where just like boys, so cool it and move on with your lives.  Instead of obessing about it .  Not saying that everyone is like that though, but a few of you definitely are.
Hopefully this ends that.
I will say sorry though if the thread disturb or caused anyone trouble. 
On another note, I have a 3 day weekend :D 
Only 2 more finals to go English and AP environmental science


GGGRRR: Another day, Another test

This is the 3rd time  I have tried to blog today.  I am starting to get pissed about this . 
Anyway let's try this again... 

  • Took my U.S. History final today.  It really easy, partly because it was a state test.
  • Only 3 more finals to go! :D
  • French Final is tomorrow. .. I am going to die.  I suck at French, I am sorry that i cannot understand as you speak x3 then i do and that I can't roll my r's.  Thankfully i don't have to take it next year!  So happy :D
  • Boyfriend is being annoyingly clingy.  He really likes me, but i am not that into him.  He really fun to hang out with and i would be sad if i didn't get to hang out with him anymore, but i really like him like that.  Also don't want to hurt his feelings...  I hate drama :p

Cuz I have to

Okay, still figuring out what crap I should write here... 

  • I was practically murdered by my pre-calc final today
  • I pretty much finished playing Rhapsody... need to find a new game
  • Have an U.S. History Final tomorrow
and same old, same old... 
Dang it! My life is boring :p 
Don't know how to fix that either