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@Fragstoff: Yeah.  I am picky about the game I play.  Only certain ones really hold onto my attention.
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I have been thinking about getting one for a while now, but I am not sure if there are a lot of games that I would be interested on it.   I mostly play RPGs, strageties, and anything with a fantasy theme.  Also the fact that some of the prices are like $50, then again others are like $20.  I mostly play RPGs, strageties, and anything with a fantasy theme.  Should I get the PSP?  Also if I did which model should I buy?  The newer 3000 or the original?

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Why do some many people on here think that a girl on this site or any where online would be a guy in disguise? 
Why would guys pretend to be girls in the first place?

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All I have is ADD.  My Mom is making take fiveance.  Don't want it though.  I feel it is better to work on things yourself.  I don't want rely on medicine to fix my problems.  

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I don't  like them.  They can ruin a good movie, because they try to make things come out of you.   Motion controls are not that much fun because they are really crappy right now... so in other words I don't like it. 
Though when the technology gets a lot better they could easily create a kick ass game that you can actually experience using these. 
Like instead of 3D, how about a helmet allows to walk around in the game like you are actually there!  Now that would be cool.

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Probably a 2... might be a 3 though.

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Okay, still figuring out what crap I should write here... 

  • I was practically murdered by my pre-calc final today
  • I pretty much finished playing Rhapsody... need to find a new game
  • Have an U.S. History Final tomorrow
and same old, same old... 
Dang it! My life is boring :p 
Don't know how to fix that either
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@FluxWaveZ: Well, that's depressing.  :/ 
Why would this post be famous? O_o 
Are girls that rare here?  Or is it just this post? 
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@sopranosfan: Really O_o that is kinda surprising with some of the people i know... but then again they usually get on facebook or something.  I don't like it because of all the stupid preppy boys and girls.  Doesn't bother me to be called a boy.  I grew up playing army and such with my neighbors... although i am not into guns.  I do like swords though
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@JB16 said:
" @crazygirl413 said:
" What did i do JB16? "
I wasn't talkin to you, I was talking to the guy who was replying to what I said. "
Okay.  That makes sense :)  It looks like i already annoyed Rag :p
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