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This is awful and must stop.

#gamergate people: Your revisionist history is nonsense.

#gamergate is and has always been primarily a group of people harassing women in and tangential to the gaming industry. If you don't think that is true, you were not paying attention during the creation of the hashtag. You were not paying attention to the harassment targeted at Anita and Zoe and how that ultimately led to the creation of the hashtag. You have been deluded, and you need to free yourselves from the ideology that has enveloped you.

By asserting that you have legitimate concerns about games journalism which you associate with the hashtag, you lend support to continued harassment. Disavowals of the harassment can never remove the harassment from #gamergate. The harassment has always been there. It was the primary motivating factor. The original target of harassment was Zoe Quinn, and a false claim of a breach of journalistic ethics was just one weapon the harassers tried to use against her. They were wrong, and they are still wrong, and you are supporting them.

Stop. Free yourself.

Haha, no shit!

I have no idea how some people seem to think that "slut-shaming" and ethics in video game "journalism" are remotely the same thing.

Rationalization is a hell of a drug.

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I thought they were going to fix Bad-JuJu. :(

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crazyleaves on PSN add me, I have a mic!

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@joeyravn: Eastman sold to Laird in '08 and Laird sold to Nickelodeon for 30 million in '09. Nickelodeon now owns the copyright and trademarks for the TMNT franchise.

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I took my son today and thought it was decent, my son loved it. The action was decent and the humans I could care less about.

I do think they seriously took some missteps with Shredder and the goddamn suit. He should of just worn it for the final showdown imo, also the foot not being fucking ninjas was way dumb.

Why can't they make splinter look like a rat instead of something from a nightmare?

Elevator scene was the best though, my son is five and it was his favorite part too.

I should also say that I am a huge TMNT fan and have been since the eighties. The comics are great, the animated stuff is fun, first movie is dear to me. But all that live action series bullshit is a travesty as well as the arena tour bullshit my dad bought tickets for and I told him no fucking way.

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Yes, seven hours into it and it is all I can think about the past couple of days.

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@corruptedevil: DAMN homey! Super excited now, I am buying the digital guardian edition thanks to you and the beta code you gave me. Thanks again duder!

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