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I feel like I need to say something, but I can't imagine what. I'm shocked at how affected I am at the loss of someone I never met, and can only send my deepest condolences to those who knew and loved him personally. Rest in peace, you glorious man.

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I was born and raised in Wisconsin. Go Pack Go!

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Oh God I want that thing, but the price announcement is going to suck.

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You know what? On occasion, I do consider myself to be down with grids.
Knight of Lodis is the only game I have from the Tactics Ogre line, but I loved it back in the day. Since I have a PSP, I'll definitely be giving this a look.

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Metro 2033 strikes me as a game I'd love, but I don't have a system that could play it. Here's hoping they can manage a PS3 version for the sequel.

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THPS2 is awesome, but on the iPhone?

One of my favorite things to do in THPS2 is flip on the Sim Mode cheat and go hit some lines in Skatestreet, something that requires more accurate control than the iPhone's accelerometer can provide. For much of that video, the guy looked less like he was in control of the action and more like he was simply reacting to wherever his skater was hurtling at the time - pressing grind if he was flying toward a rail, mashing grab/flip/grab whenever he found himself in the air, et cetera. And I swear, for the first six minutes of the video, the only grab I saw him do was an Indy Nosebone...

It's certainly impressive from a technical standpoint, but with the loose controls it just doesn't look like something I could have fun with. If Activision wants to milk THPS2 for more cash (not that they don't deserve to), I'd love to see them throw it up on the PSN as a PSone Classic for those of us with legal PSPs - I'd grab that in a heartbeat.

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Well, I guess I'll bump this one up, seeing as how I just had a very similar problem.

Clicking the "Forgot Password" button at the top of any page when you're not logged in brings up the little AJAX-y box as it should, but entering the username and trying to send it off doesn't exactly work. If the username entered is incorrect, it will detect and report as such properly, but if the username entered is valid, it seems to enter eternal loop-dom. If you're speedy, you can catch a flash of what looks like the current page being loaded in the AJAX box before the parent page reloads, goes white, and just sticks there. I let it think while I off and played some gameage for a while, and it was still blank and thinking when I checked again about 20 minutes later.

One area in which my case differs from the original post is that the email itself was actually sent. It was tossed in the Spam folder, so I didn't notice straight-away, but it was sent, which is why I can talk to you today.

These errors occurred while running Firefox 3.0.1 under Windows XP.

As an aside, I also tested the form in IE7 (before I noticed the message in my Spam box). It still goes blank and all that after you submit, so same bug there as above, but there's an extra layer of obstacle to it that merits mention - the text box isn't inside the AJAX box. I did a little digging (I'm a web developer myself, and I've had to deal with more of IE's quirks than I'd care to realize), and it turns out that the text box is there, it's just up in the upper-left corner.

You can get at it by clicking inside the pop-up box and pressing the Tab key - the text cursor will appear over there and start flashing (interestingly enough, it's actually 1px outside the page rendering area in my browser), and you can type as normal, but the text doesn't show up. And as already mentioned, once this hoopla has been hoop-ed and la-ed, it still sends the email without any indication of doing so and goes to a blank screen, same as above.

Again, this is on IE7 under Windows XP.

Well, the rules post asked for detail. Thar ya go!

Best of luck, love the site.