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Jason is great.

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Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire.

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I'm planning to ignore this game from now on.

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I live in Argentina and we don't have any Taco Bells here, otherwise I would love to join you in this stupid (and great) quest.

Fifteen years ago, as a college student, I ate at least one meal a day at McDonalds's for 6 months and nothing bad happened to me. I used to hit the gym everyday, jog 3 times a week and play some squash so I didn't even gain weight as a result of this dumb behavior.

Good luck.

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@azrailx said:

shotguns needed the nerf

auto rifles needed the nerf

scouts rifles needed the buff

get over yourselves...

I agree. Everybody uses AR and shotgun in the Crucible, otherwise you don't get any kills and this is boring.

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Great stuff.

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@crcruz3: To be fair, I think you express yourself in English very well. I'll also grant that I personally would not have given Titanfall a 4, but that I was merely saying it makes sense that Jeff did knowing what I know about the man.

You are very kind. Yeah, you are right, it's not the first time I disagree with Jeff and I'm sure it's not going to be the last. I like the game and some people don't. I'm cool with that.

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@crcruz3: Well, let me put it this way. 3 out of 5 is average, not bad, but not outstanding. Jeff thought Destiny was average. He gave Titanfall a 4, which would signify that the game is above average, outstanding in some way. Clearly he thought Titanfall was outstanding in some way. That's pretty much it. Why not a write a review yourself, and tell us about what you thought was outstanding in Destiny? I'd be happy to read it.

My native languages are Spanish and Portuguese, otherwise I would love to put my thoughts about Destiny in written form. But I can write pretty well in those languages and I would hate to write in poor style in english. However, I think that Titanfall is a very small game, with no story whatsoever, just a tutorial and very few maps. It gets old pretty fast. And the shooting is ok, where in Destiny is superb. Destiny has better graphics and art and very good music. And as it is a bigger game with more variety wins on all fronts.

The story is Destiny is a very naif and not well developed sci-fi story. That's bad and I think almost everybody agrees on this point. It is repetitive and that's kind of ok, it a grindy game. The loot is fine, it just takes a long time to get better. Rare and Uncommon weapons are all the same, Legendaries are very cool and Exotic are, well, Exotic. Hard to find and very unique.

The Vault of Glass is a masterpiece. It's better than most shooters, best part of the game.

Off topic:

How to get into the Vault:

1) If you meet somebody in matchmaking that plays well and is a team player that cares about downed teammates send him/her a friend request.

2) Repeat 1 often.

3) When in need of help at playing a Strike or Story mission invite people from this list.

4) Be nice.

5) You will be invited to Raid in no time.

I have been raiding with 4 different groups, there are a lot of very cool dudes playing the game.

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Good to know. Kinda weird how lengthy they've made the process of switching guns or subclass if they are expecting you to switch them up for each enemy encounter rather than a per-mission basis though.

They really should have something similar to Defiance's quick loadout switch (accessed by holding down the triangle button and then using the right stick to navigate a radial menu), or the Borderlands and Elder Scrolls thing of switching between equipment presets using the d-pad.

I think the fact that you lose much of your ammo when switching weapons is an indication that they are discouraging you from switching weapons mid mission.

Of course they are discouraging you from switching weapons mid mission. You should have grenades/secondary/special with different types of damage and you teammates a different combo, you have to plan for the mission or change weapons and use bullet cartridges. The guy with the correct type for each enemy shoots first. Just a little coordination. It's more tactical than Borderlands.

Yeah, I enjoy the tactical aspect the shields add to the equation, especially with the epic modifier on. My current set up has me covered for all three shield types: I am a void walker so grenades and melee for void shields, I have an arc damage legendary machine gun, and a fire damage legendary sniper to go along with a kickass legendary scout rifle which is one of the few primary weapons to have elemental damage, in this case fire.

Sure, you have to plan for a Raid and a Nightfall strike and I'm enjoying this feature of the game too. It feels more of a military experience than Borderland. I guy carrying 20 weapons and having instant access to them with no penalty is just stupid and I don't really like this feature in other games.

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Just checking this post again:

59% positive

41% negative

Seems right.