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Actual diversity is important for sure, but actual diversity isn't something you can dictate, it's something that comes naturally.

When developers try and diversify the cast of their videogames we just end up with a bunch of different shitty stereotypes, much like the last Tomb Raider game. They should write what they're comfortable writing, regardless of if it's not diverse enough for the internet, better writing is way more important.


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Patrick is great, Kotaku is not. Won't see much of him in the future.

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Fucking great.

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Great list, Patrick. You are awesome. The cat in Divinity... hahaha. Just great.

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Jason is great.

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Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire.

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I'm planning to ignore this game from now on.

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I live in Argentina and we don't have any Taco Bells here, otherwise I would love to join you in this stupid (and great) quest.

Fifteen years ago, as a college student, I ate at least one meal a day at McDonalds's for 6 months and nothing bad happened to me. I used to hit the gym everyday, jog 3 times a week and play some squash so I didn't even gain weight as a result of this dumb behavior.

Good luck.

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@azrailx said:

shotguns needed the nerf

auto rifles needed the nerf

scouts rifles needed the buff

get over yourselves...

I agree. Everybody uses AR and shotgun in the Crucible, otherwise you don't get any kills and this is boring.