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It won't be, but it should be a completely different genre. That universe is so full of amazing possibilities (even if my enthusiasm for it has wayned) that it would be criminal to stick to the same gameplay. How about a turn based strategy game, civ style, where you play the Mass Effect universe. Choose your race, and shape how it develops from the end of the Prothean cycle. Maybe humans reach their relay before the Asari? Who knows?

Or even a Character Action Game as a justicar, or a space combat game with Joker, or a detective story set on the citadel, or bloody anything!

Turn-based tactics like XCOM! Man, I would play that game!!!

I would totally play that game. Best part: You get to choose what race you want to play as. BOOM!

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@crcruz3: Don't hate cause I wanna put some Krogans on Overwatch.

Oh boy was like: Oh, boy!!!!! Game boner!!!!!!!!!!

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Dark Souls. It has all the ingredients of a game I would love. I played it for 58 hours, and only the first two hours had any kind of fun to them. Once I understood the systems, everything became soulless.

People kept telling me that I need to play longer to 'get it' and I did. I had no preconceived notions about the game, I just wanted to enjoy a hard-action-rpg. The world was so... dull. So incredibly dull. And not in a depressing, bleak yet beautiful way. Just. The definition of plain and generic.

It taught me how much I value 'the world' of a rpg. So later on I installed 'skyrim redone' mod for skyrim, and now I get a much harder game than dark souls. 20 playthoughs of skyrim later, and I'm counting the weeks until my 21st playthrough with the latest skyrim redone update. While I dread the thought of even going remotely near dark souls again. Because the last thing I ever want is to die of literal boredom.

I love Skyrim, don't get me wrong, but I find the world too lively and friendly. I like being alone in Dark Souls.

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I'm surprised so many people hated LA Noire that much.... I actually really liked the game. I thought it had flaws but It was also decent fun.

I'm not that demanding. I don't find any flaws in LA Noire. I love this game.

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Disciples 3: Renaissance

Same here. I played the shit out of Disciples 2 and expansions and fucking loved them all. I wanted to love D3... but I can't. It's garbage.

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I know many will disagree with me but my most disappointing game this gen is Dark Souls. They added so much to the online play then nerfed it by making it a P2P instead of the server system they used for Demon's Souls.

This is blasphemy!

Just kiding, it's your opinion and I respect that. I didn't play Demon's Souls so I don't miss what I never got.

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RAGE. Probably the worst game I've ever played. From ridiculous graphics issues, that they "fixed" by disabling the console that actually did fix problems, to the crashing issues it was a worthless game to me. I still can't play it because there's a (timed and verified by two other people) TWO SECOND delay from the time I move my mouse to the time the textures show up. My hardware is more than capable of playing it because it worked before they "fixed" graphics issues with a patch, and the console is completely disabled, so I literally can't play a $60 game because id and Carmack are a bunch of lazy dicks who decided PC gamers aren't smart enough to tailor their own experience. Oh, and you could beat almost every boss by strafing left and right about 15 feet and never get a scratch on you on any AI level. Worthless game, ridiculous problems, hostile customer "fixes". Screw id, and screw Carmack. Never wasting a dime on either.

Sorry to hear that. I played on PS3 and enjoyed the game a lot. It seems that the PC version is fucking broken.

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People might complain about an FPS perspective for Mass Effect, but you know what would be cool? Deus Ex style FPS in the ME universe. A turn-based or DoW2 styled approach to the franchise would also be cool, but unlikely.

The main advancement I'd like to see in party-based RPGs is the end of the arbitrary party size cap. Either give me a way to use my spare party members during missions that makes sense ala the ME2 finale, or don't give me so many options. Or hey, let me use more party members, though I realize this limitation is due to the desire to reduce complexity.

i like your idea, im a fan of both deus ex and mass effect and im pretty sure i would love a mix of both

Sounds good to me.

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People's absolute praise of ME1 and absolute hate of ME3 still mystifies me. Mass Effect 1 was another Assassin's Creed 1 for me, plenty of cool ideas, but the execution was mostly a whiff due the game's content being pretty flimsy once you got down to it. A lot of missions, like Noveria, just were not fun and we something I always felt like I was suffering through. The universe was interesting, the dialog system was nice, and I liked Wrex and Garrus. The rest? pretty garbage, especially compared to something like KotOR or ME2. ME3 on the other hand, besides everything that took place on earth was pretty damn awesome, and gameplay wise they even improved on ME2 by adding more choices in character development and weapons, while basically lifting everything else that worked in 2.

@crcruz3: DUDE if they literally just lifted everything from the new XCOM and made a Mass Effect SRPG, with all of the changes that made sense for the universe, and maybe clear up somethings people didn't like about Enemy Unknown, as well as include elements people love from ME games...dang. You could even have key party members be like "hero" units or whatever. And have dialog trees I don't know. I mean they made Fallout Tactics back in the day so there is a precedent. Bioware take my money.

Oh boy.

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Isn't Bioware upgrading ME 1 for ps3 with a new engine as well...

Found it. Upgrade indeed.