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I'm crcruz3 on Steam, i've just sent an invite!

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I like typing games! Thank you.

Edit: Do you know more typing games?

Hmm, well there's Gulag Paradise. It's free, relatively short and has some Hotline Miami kind of vibe going on. There's the hilariously awful looking Typing of the Living Dead, which the name is probably inspired by The Typing of the Dead. If you google it, you can easily find an emulator ( I think...) that let's you play Typing of the Dead, but I won't link that since I think the mods won't appreciate it. Also, Frog Fractions, kind of a typing game... maybe not. I won't spoil it, but you should check out Frog Fractions too, it's pretty crazy.

Hey, thanks.

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I like typing games! Thank you.

Edit: Do you know more typing games?

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This is so sad. So sad.

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Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma.

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If you havent played san andreas, that's is definitely worth a look. Though, if you get it on pc, be prepared to either a) buy a usb controller or b) deal with incredibly shitty flying controls on keyboard and mouse

Here are some other winners

Sleeping Dogs

Borderlands (I recommend 2 over 1)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (not technically open world, but it's more open world than RAGE or Dark Souls)

Saints Row 3

I would love to forget everything about Deus Ex: Human Revolution to play it fresh again. For real.

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Of course.

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@iburningstar: Bugs and glitches are unavoidable when making such a huge RPG where every player action and choice can affect what happens in other distant places. If it was a linear FPS of course it would be bug free, but it isn't. And about the world being ugly as hell, what do you expect a post-apocalyptic wasteland to look like? It's supposed to give you a feel of devastation, which it did excellently. As for depth, what exactly did you find missing in the game?

If you think the bethesda games are good because "every player action and choice can affect what happens in other distant places" then your head would probably explode if you played fallout one and two. They take a dump on any current Bethesda release, and that is probably why fallout 3 got so much hate. Everything about the current Bethesda releases can be described with one word, 'gimmicky'. The combat, the puzzles, the crafting, the character progression, traits, the world, and the character interaction. It is amazing how so many things can be described with that one word.

You are so mean. I love all Fallout games: 1, 2, Tactics, 3 and New Vegas. I know that Fallout 3 is ugly and glitchy, however exploring the world is pure joy for me.

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It's a great game and it's a long game too. $5? Go for it, man!

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Can't you just kill that guard?