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There are a lot of games that are not on PC, and some of them are really good:

Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon's Dogma, Demon's Souls, Marios, Zeldas, Forza Horizon, Persona 4 Golden, Last of Us, Journey, Vanquish, MGS, etc, etc...

And there are other games that you have to wait years for a port:

Fez, Spelunky HD, Trials Evolution, Dark Souls, etc.

For me it's about the games. I just checked the list of upcoming games on this site: more than half of them are not on PC. That's why I think I need PC and consoles.

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Oculus Rift support.

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I read books and play games every day.

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Man, I watched that movie over and over again...

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Sorry to disagree. I love Dark Souls the way it is. I find that the way the game delivers the information is one of its greatest features.

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@slag said:

@darthorange: gotta tell you

two of your three reasons are pretty weak imo.

passion and the public (and probably fake) persona of an exec are maybe good reasons to work for a company, but they shouldn't aren't good reasons to buy a product. Both are very ephemeral, may just be good PR.

reason#1 Though, is a fantastic reason.

For me the reasons I'll likely buy a PS4 are

  1. Japanese games exclusives like Deep Down that are unlikely to ever port to PC
  2. Potential Superior Graphics tech
  3. Lower Hardware Price
  4. Dualshock 4 controller
  5. Larger World-wide install base
  6. PSN+ value add service
  7. Gaikai streaming of old games
  8. PS 1st party games
  9. Company policies and culture that are pro-consumer (or at least moreso than option B)
  10. No mandatory Kinect
  11. Vita x-play

Same here. And then I'm going to buy a Xbone, 'cause I wanna play them all!

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@darkest4 said:

You lost by quoting Cliff, can we please stop giving this guy attention? I can't believe people really buy into this notion that used games are killing video games. Used games have been around from the start and the industry has grown tons. Many developers are doing just fine, those that struggle are struggling due to their own fault, stop letting them convince you otherwise. Every other physical product in the world has a used market. Blaming used games is just them not wanting to take responsibility for their own mistakes. Those companies are paying their execs too much, focusing too much on costly things like EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE instead of quality story telling, creating shitty games that no one wants, not managing their money correctly and so on... and then blaming everything on used games. It's just a cop out, stop letting them convince you it's true.

Stop listening to guys like Cliff talk about how they desperately need more money and used games are killing them.. the guy is just another greedy millionaire who want to make more millions with minimal effort pumping out lazy sequels. Maybe developers should start by cutting the pay checks of guys like Cliff instead of blaming everyone else?

Boo hoo Cliffy, making 15million in this "dying industry" being pillaged by "used games", you only have hundreds of times more money than your average customer poor guy I feel so bad for you. Give me a break.

You are right on the used games issue.

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Dota 2. A great game full of awful people playing it.

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I don't know why you think he is a fool. He probably knows more about the inner workings of the videogame industry than everyone on this site combined including staff.

So what? He can be wrong sometimes like everybody else.

Once the great Thomas Edison thought DC was better that AC for energy distribution.

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- Open every box, locker and safe in Fallout3/New Vegas

- Hack every computer in Deus Ex: Human Evolution

- Steal from the shopkeepers in Spelunky