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I'd love to see GTA: Miamitown Wars after they release GTA Vice City. The sales of GTA on GBA didn't stop them making this game, so I don't think the sales of Chinatown will stop them making the next top down GTA in future.

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@Diamond:@Diamond said:
" I feel like the community is about equal to what it used to be.  Right when it came out there was a bunch of crappy achievement levels that were popular.  The stuff on the 'cool levels' page always sucked.  It's one of my biggest complaints about the game.  The system for finding good levels is absolute crap.  I really like the game overall, but if I could easily play excellent user made levels the game could have been something extremely special.
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Well, seeing as how "losing it's cool" is a saying about someone getting angry, I'd have to say no.

Also, that. "
I totally agree. that was what made me sell the game afterwards. I just got tired of finding boring level after boring level in the excellent sections. I decorated my pad, left and never talked about it again, until now.
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@laptopskins: thanks dude, I've recently bought a PS3 though ;)
Sold the 360
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@j0rdan: IF you build it, he will come
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The main game is very short. New Super Mario Bros DS short. 
 After that, decorating your pad is cool. 
Looking for cool online levels to play, there are some beautiful ones, but the background music gets annoying and it just became a boring hunt for nice levels to play in.
 soon lost it's charm to me. And I don't much fancy creating levels, I just want to play. 
However, I do recommend trying it once, it's a lovely game, just not for longevity in my opinion, unless you love to create and share.

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Elder SCrolls IV: Oblivion

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@Tebbit: lol! ^_^
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@Kazona said:
" That is quite a bit of information leaked. I wonder who's gonna get fired over this one. "
hopefully the guy who didn't want Sonic to return to his former glory.
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" I hear they might announce a new PSP. Keep your fingers crossed! "
funny :P The PSP GO is quite enough for now.
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interesting insight