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Hey duders, if anyone could be kind enough to send me an invite, it'd be much appreciated.

GT: CrimePays

Thanks again!

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Wasn't Lisa the name of the ghost in PT?

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Other than the nacho cheese segment, they could probably put the premium stream out as a podcast. Because, it was essentially just a radio show.

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I lost a whole bunch of saves when a bookshelf collapsed on my memory stick in my 360 and snapped it in half. Was before the age of cloud saves too, lost a whole lot from that.

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I don't normally wish bad things on people. But I really hope Konami dies now, so that people that actually want to... you know... make games... can pick up their franchises.

Seriously, Konami, fuck you.

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Maybe they could spend that Marvel money on a NEW FUCKING ENGINE!

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@mrcalm said:

Sad that we have to wait. But i'm happy to wait for a more polished game.


You Sir, are a comedy genius!

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Played every Souls game, rage quit every Souls game about 10 hours in... so I'm SUPER EXCITED for my tenth hour in Bloodborne!

PSN name is KowalskiManDown

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Never suffered from motion sickness before, but this game has me damn near hurling my guts out. A real shame, cos it seems like a cool game, but I can't play it. That motion blur is a complete killer for me.

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@brentonbagley: What instruments did you use for the song? I don't have Kinect, so am having to create these from sight. Thanks for posting it though! This team is fantastic!