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I lost a whole bunch of saves when a bookshelf collapsed on my memory stick in my 360 and snapped it in half. Was before the age of cloud saves too, lost a whole lot from that.

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I don't normally wish bad things on people. But I really hope Konami dies now, so that people that actually want to... you know... make games... can pick up their franchises.

Seriously, Konami, fuck you.

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Maybe they could spend that Marvel money on a NEW FUCKING ENGINE!

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@mrcalm said:

Sad that we have to wait. But i'm happy to wait for a more polished game.


You Sir, are a comedy genius!

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Played every Souls game, rage quit every Souls game about 10 hours in... so I'm SUPER EXCITED for my tenth hour in Bloodborne!

PSN name is KowalskiManDown

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Never suffered from motion sickness before, but this game has me damn near hurling my guts out. A real shame, cos it seems like a cool game, but I can't play it. That motion blur is a complete killer for me.

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@brentonbagley: What instruments did you use for the song? I don't have Kinect, so am having to create these from sight. Thanks for posting it though! This team is fantastic!

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SotC was pretty great but people seem to be forgetting that when that game first game out on the PS2, it was almost unplayable with all those awful frame rate problems.

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The CBSi jobs page is still there and implies that they're looking for someone who can speak fluent Japanese. So, I'd imagine that pool is a whole lot smaller than just "a news guy". Also, whoever they do eventually get would be working out of the New York office with Vinny & Alex.

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@rongalaxy: I get what the guy's saying though, be excited for it sure... but does it still deserve to be recognised the way it currently is? Probably not. They've shown next to nothing of it, Sony clearly gives zero fucks about finishing it, and it's from a developer that missed an entire generation. All bets should be off at this point, but the fandom it still gets is kinda crazy. Whatever it is, whatever it was and whatever it may become will never live up to the unattainable expectations people have placed on it. It can be nothing but a let down.