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I'll absolutely buy it again!

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My solution would be to not add people you don't want knowing what you're up to.

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It's amazing what we can do these days with hormones! Delighted to hear that it's all working out for you, and I look forward to your 12 month update!

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Not a chance.

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That's great and all, but when's the actual retail version coming out? It'd be a real bummer for Oculus if Sony beat 'em to release.

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It's difficult to know their thinking behind the delay, but releasing a console almost a year after its direct competitor doesn't make a whole lot of business sense to me. The release of Titanfall resulted in an enormous sales boom here in the UK. It certainly makes you wonder why they didn't get their global release out of the way in time for it. But hey, at least you're happy!

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People shaming other people for how they play a game are complete pricks. If the game allows something, then it's fair game as far as I'm concerned.

Why would From put summoning in the game if they didn't intend for people to use it?

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What's a guitar hero?

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I switched to a +4 mace after watching the video on Monday and it's an absolute game changer.

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Until the prices get knocked down on digital purchases, I will continue to buy games where it's cheaper... and that's physical.

Still seems utterly ludicrous to me that digital prices are so inflated, if anything, they should be cheaper.