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I think OP hit all the right points. I am in the same boat too.

I got up to Inferno ACT 2 with the AH equipment (30K a piece, maybe 200K for weapon), but ACT 2 and beyond requires massive amounts of gold to gear at AH. Like OP said each piece of equipment is 1mil+ . I don't find farming Hell or Inferno ACT 1 appealing at all. I am tired of same old story, etc. So I stopped played DIII around a week ago. $65 for 50 hours of game play is not bad.

It's just not fun anymore. And reply like "you should not play Diablo at all, it's not for you" is laughable. It is for me, I enjoy it, but I beat it as far as I know. The last stage of "farming" and spending real money is just not for me.

Maybe if loot was better it would keep me interested, but getting 100s of useless rare/blue items is not appealing. I haven't gotten a single useful drop, every item is from AH. Might as well make all items white.

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Engineers AA was useless as is, and now they nerfed it even more. Skilled jet pilots and chopper pilots can avoid AA all day long and with new nerf they will be invincible. You need amazing squad/team effort to take down jet/chopper.

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I can't figure out how to see an entire map during MP match. When I press the map button the mini-map just becomes marginally bigger, but still does not give me the full overview, which makes it impossible to learn the new map or see where the action is.

Is there a way to show an entire map (BC2 style)?

Any other tips/tricks will be appreciated. I've read the tips thread here already, but I feel like there's a lot more to it.

Overall, game feels very rushed and unstable. It takes a while to find a server using browser (battlelog?) and it feels like thing refreshes once a night, so it's nearly impossible to find server with low ping. Matchmaking is a joke, why on earth would I want to "quickmatch" on server with 4 people?

The best incident of the first night of playing was when I finally saw a Jet sitting on the strip. I ran to it and kept jumping near trying to figure out how to get inside (I am pretty good with vehicles from BC2), while on it, my teammate spawned on me, jumped into the Jet and flew away, as I was watching the Jet zoom away game crashed to desktop. . .

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Google such term as Overclocking. As a "PC gamer" it's pretty much your duty to learn to build custom rig with decent cooling.

I run 4-year old PC with E6750. I started like you with 2GB of RAM and 8800 GTS. Upgrade to 4GB was pretty cheap few years ago and you can pick up decent video card for $100-200 right now.

Right now I run E6750 @ 3.4Ghz, GTX 460 (1GB) with 4GB of DDR2 RAM. It runs every game on max easily. Total $ spent on upgrade over 4 years - around $300.

I will probably squeeze out another year out of this rig, then I will spend around $700 to get new Mobo/CPU/RAM and keep the rest.

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Played DEMO recently, to be honest I don't see how people play this game with joystick. I like cars and have driven through some amazing Apline passes.

What you have to realize is that each car has certain weight associated with it and that you have to enter and exit each turn at proper line and most importantly speed. Here comes the main problem, with joystick, there is no feedback to driver as to how car behaves and you have to basically "drive" it by looking at the visual feedback (acceleration & brake lines , etc.). Each car has set of its own lines. Some people can play without the lines, but those people probably been with franchise since original release on xbox.

When it comes to fast rear wheel drive cars or muscle cars you have to modulate the acceleration very carefully and it's also very hard to tell how to enter the turn properly on those cars, because at some point they start to feel "arcady" (crazy acceleration, lots of grip in turns, fast stopping power, etc.) I guess what I am trying to say, each car class has its own driving style. Early cars are rather slow to respond, with lots of body roll while later cars feel more like F1 cars and follow completely different playing style.

In short, a lot of your problems stem from playing with joystick. In real car you would not have problem with keeping the car in lane or having problems with pressing the pedal to the metal and causing crazy wheel spin. Unfortunately for xbox users MS only supports plastic kiddie toy $100 MC2 steering wheel which is not much better than joystick or very expensive (read $500+) Fanatec wheel.

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Makes me wonder if any of you own the iPhone. Recently several great games were released for iphone, ranging from
$2-$10. Few examples:

Guitar Rock Tour (clone of Guitar hero for iPhone)
FieldRunners (fun defense game)
Warfare Incorporated (Full blown RTS, similar to original RA with pinch of Dune)
Hero Of Sparta (Very high quality game, reminds me God of War, lots of features, great graphics and control scheme)

There are at least 3 good racing games, several 100 puzzle games, card games (kinda like Magic the Gathering)  etc. . .

I think gaming is picking up on iPhone, it's much better then it was 2-3 months ago.

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1st post sums it up for me.

  • Annoying checkpoints, with guys destroying your car every few minutes
  • Open world that leaves me claustrophobic. Road is always in some kind of creek and camps usually have only one approach or sniping spot. 
  • Locked weapons, I spent 3 hours playing with old rusty carbine. 
  • Whole game is very gray.