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@Stahlbrand: Too bad it's totally not, and if you followed the game or read anything about it you'd know that, but okay.
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Dead for me. And I knew the answer. :X

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@foggel: WaW was a better balanced multiplayer experience than MW2; here's to Treyarch showing they've surpassed IW.
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Short answer: no.  
Long answer: They'll probably make a better game balance wise than MW2 was, just because multiplayer in that game is a total clusterfuck. I personally hope they show how they've surpassed IW in both game design and maturity. 

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@mistbite said:
" BOO!! Please stop using Steamworks. Don't want to be locked in. Steam = 1984 "
Who let Randy Pitchford in here?
Also you're an idiot.
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@moondogger: All the paid users are throwing around entitlement to describe those discontented with the situation, but a podcast alone is not worth 50 bucks a year considering I could care less for the other features that have been added. If you think it is, great; but considering every other podcast of this type of nature is free, I don't think it's unreasonable to be discontent.
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@animateria:  That was so fucking right.
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@jediknight00719: Your point of view does little to improve my opinion of the situation, valid though it may be.  
And the 5K thing in and of itself is absolutely stupid in and of itself. 
"If enough people pay, we'll make it free!" 
Think about that fucking logic. 
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@JauntyHat: They also don't produce a particularly spectacular amount of content.
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@KuribosShoe said:
" @SethPhotopoulos said:
" @KuribosShoe said:
" and I would venture so far as to say if you're not even willing to pay 5 dollars, once, to keep the bombcast like it is, you're NOT serious.  you're spoiled. "
Some people just don't want to pay or pay through paypal and will gladly give up the subscriber only thing. "
if you don't want to pay and are fine with what you get, that's understandable.  I'm specifically talking about people who made an uproar about the bombcast split, and when met with a way to keep it from happening, didn't bother to subscribe for one lousy month. "
Why would I pay into some shitty rationalization for a petty and all around dumb attempt at incentivizing the Bombcast by splitting it down the middle?  
Oh yeah, I just won't. I would have if they'd been up front about how dumb an idea it was, maybe.